Abandoned Places - Verlassene Orte - SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #43

in photography •  last year

Hey Guys,

This is my entry for the Steemit Photo Challenge. The Photo's were taken with my trusty Smartphone, that has never failed me and the Pictures did undergo some minor processing. The Challenge was to present Derelict in any way possible, so I choose to photograph some Abandoned Places in my Hometown.

Hallo Leute,

Dies ist mein Beitrag für die Steemit Photo Challenge. Die Photos wurden mit meinem Smartphone gemacht, das mich noch nie im stich gelassen hat. Die Bilder wurden minimal bearbeitet. Die Aufgabe war es verfallenheit in irgeneinder Art darzustellen, Ich habe mich dazu entschieden Verlassene Orte, in meiner Heimat, zu Fotografieren.

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Really nice pictures. Hope u win


Thank you :)

The first picture caught my heart. So beautiful it is! Danke für deine schön Bilder :)


Hey, thank you for the comment. Immer wieder gerne :)

very cool style to these pictures

Fantastic photo, congrats on third place. This should be hung in a gallery for sure, really awesome pic