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Para iniciar el día siempre tomo una taza de café acompañada con alguna tostada con mantequilla o crema, aunque hablo de las tostadas, hoy no capture fotografías de ellas, quizás la próxima ocasión lo haga, estaba enfocada más en las burbujas que se hacen en la superficie del café. ;)

Feliz día para todos.


Exp. 1/15 seg
ISO 100
18-200/80 mm


Exp. 1/10 seg
ISO 100
18-200/175 mm

To begin the day I always drink a cup of coffee accompanied by some toast with butter or cream, although I speak of toast today I don't capture photographs of them, I was more focused on the bubbles that are made on the surface of the coffee.

With those images, I will contribute to the challenge proposed for today, macro photography and hope you all have an excellent Friday.

Have a great day.

Taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. All Rights Reserved
All photographs are my property, I like to share them as well as my experiences.

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