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Just got the family a 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ ... She's a keeper !! Maybe i'll do a post on why i bought it etc..

Balls of a Mountain Goat..

That Rubicon fits perfect in the landscape and I assume you had a lot of fun with it over there. It would be great to see some more pics from that experience. I'm a bit of a car guy and I very often watch on youtube off-road trips with all sorts of SUVs, but never owned one although I drove a few for a short period of time.


I started late in the day, and had to turn around before I ran out of daylight.

I do have some more pics from the trip but was having trouble uploading them from my phone.

I might go back out tomorrow, and I plan on hitting Moab, UT this weekend so will have some from that trip as well.


Hey, you probably don't need me telling you this... but be safe.. take extra water, filter, and provisions etc.. Have fun ! I want to see those pics !