The Night View of The Royal Pond “ANAPJI”, The other side of the building.

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The night view of Anapji had various faces.
In the previous posting, I introduced you the night view of building area.

In this posting, I’d like to show you the night view of wooden area.
Woods around Anapji was so fantastic, especially the reflected appearance on the water was so awesome.

Colors were various according to the lights. Different colors made a grand harmony.

The views between night and day time were totally different.

Let’s enjoy the night of illusion like.











Did you enjoy the photos ?

Thank you so much.


Thank you for posting @slowwalker,nim.

What a lovely set of photographs sparkling, colourful and unexpected.

Yes.......very much enjoyed these views and their mirrored images.

All the best to you and yours.


Thank you @ bluejay for your visiting

Yes! Great post, I am loving the reflection of the trees & lights off the water. 😊👍

Thank you so much

Natural beauty and enhance by lighting all around the area really attracts human eye.

The night is all more suggestive, almost magical

Awesome Wow
I really liked the picture
Thanks for sharing .. I learned something‏

how wonderful the night view ! great .

Thank you so much

The last one is amazing. It looks like the Dragon King's palace.

This is so is something l love but tiredsome..thanks for this @slowwalker

Wao que impresionantes fotografías

its looking like the original and mirror image

Really I enjoyed your photography @slowwalker. Night photography under the water scene is excellent friend. Your creative photography really impressed me. Anapji area is looking so nice. Really it attract me with her beauty. Thanks @slowwalker for sharing this photography with us.

Thank you for your comment

i really injoy watching on its had a perfect shadow on the water, its a nice place to have date with someone...

All phases that you have shown is marvellous and outstanding. Quite brilliant. Night photography has its own beauty and charm. Trees are looking very astonoushing. Beautiful

really really very nice photography.....

waiting for your next travelling story @slowwalker...and i am enjoyed..

so inspiring me :)

I love how the water mirrors the actual view of the pond. Shots are prettily taken slowwalker. ^^ they are great art pieces. ^^

A really wonderful night photography was a good choice my friend
You are a really professional photographer

Yes :) Enjoyed the photos as always :)

Especially the Trees with yellow color in base and water combination was awesome

These trees look like some pictures from a fantasy fiction novel !!

They don't even look like real trees !!

Amazing view. :)


i really enjoy watching on its had a perfect shadow on the water. I am going to look into this even more. Thanks very much for sharing

These photos are divinely beautiful. I really liked them. Good luck to you and Love.

very beautiful photos and places that have a deep beauty, and worth to visit, korea famous for its historic place, successfully create @slowwalker

good reply boss

Yes, I enjoy it
Both are so beautiful 💖💖💖

enjoy and have fun with so beautiful nature.

@Slowwalker, like you said, woods around Anapji is fantastic! Especially the reflected appearance on the water looks so awesome. I like the most the sixth photo from top, but all of them are interesting. It must have been a beautiful view seeing this at live 👍

the post is very extraordinary friend, I really like. sorry my friend was late to comment. because I no longer have a hansphone

@slowwalker you did an incredible shots men!!! Good job! two thumbs up!!! this is an amazing photo!

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

I love those photographs, very sparkling,heart captivating....I search for this and I found it 8months ago. Thanks for sharing this @slowwalker


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Its very nice photography

really good posting. i can enjoy your picture!

Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Right from the previous post!

yeah enjoy your uploded photo so.much. outstanding photography. @slowwalker

Hello you, What a great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Waaaooo such an magical view you captured, you really got good Photography skills 🤓

Excellect look of the place! Amazing!!

The 5th photography is magnificent. You are really master of photo-art. 💪💪💪💪

I wish I could have this good photography skills 😭... really nice pictures 😍

Wow, amazing

Damn, this looks amazing, like wonderland at night:)

Really breathtaking!

I think you end up in a fairytale :D of course I enjoyed.

Wonderful photography.Really I like it.

Wow night see is mind blowing

I do personally feel that Anapji is an incredible place to visit it but i would like to mention one more thing that is the Skilled photography you did @slowwalker. Yes, you really know the art how to take the best pictures and this can be clearly seen through this blog :)

I completely agree with you, the woods around Anapji are fantastic, especially the appearance reflected in the water was incredible.ompletely agree with you, the woods around Anapji are fantastic, especially the appearance reflected in the water was incredible.

Nice photos! You really are a skilled photographer. Amazing taken photos. I am looking forward for your future post. :)

The reflection of the trees are indeed pretty stunning and beautiful !

Those are indeed some stunning images buddy ,perfectly taken !

nature is unique. These pictures I love. and even more to know that they care very well for all their natural resources, the sense of belonging is important for the country that has seen us grow.

It looks so beautiful. A lighting forest and everything is very colourful.

very very nice photography, it's excellent.

Very nice post and photography

Very nice history
Travel is very beautiful
I appreciate your Post.....

I love this pict, very beautiful

The night view is so beautiful.
I used to go, but I'd like to go again.
I look at the picture and it's there.

Steady your amazing postings, I see, read and enjoy it thanks for sharing

Illusion, you are right, whatever it is not...

it was sooo beautiful!
You are a great photograher:)

I always get inspired with your postings. Sincerely appreciate it. I also like Gyeongju city so much since I spent couple of years there for work decades ago. Still miss the beautiful scenery of the city and meaningful places of Shilla dynasty. It would be beautiful season for the city soon, spring.

The pictures have come out very well. I like the crystal clear pond, the reflections are coming out so well, even the previous building picture was very nice

wow, nice capture. Is this in South Korea?

wow it is so beautiful to see how these colours blend with the darkness in the night to create a beautiful image..amazing..i really enjoyed these photos :)

That's magical!

Awesome Post!! keep it up

Excellent photography. Really I enjoyed your photography night photography. Travail is very beautiful. I am really enjoyed. Thanks for so much for your sharing.

Great set, thanks for sharing these, i really enjoy the 5th one the most.

경주 안압지의 경관조명은 진정 아름다움이죠 낮과 밤의 모습이 너무 다르지만 3년전 큰 아들과 안압지의 방문으로 지금도 아들은 경주여행을 이야기 하곤 합니다...^^ slowwalker님 감사합니다...^^

It is so lovely to see the shadows on still water!!!! The night is so divine with the bright colors that form shadows on the water!!! The night is so young!!!

It's a beautiful reflection!

amazing shots!

Nice photos, thank you

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It's absolutely amazing. A real beautiful forest. A wonderful illusion created by the lighting. Sometimes it takes quite a bit for a miracle.

yes I have seen your post about Anapji before, and it really looks very beautiful not much different from what you have shared in the past, this is true the forest around Anapji is fantastic, I like it very much
I also say many thanks for those of you who have liked my simple work

Lovely pictures. Wonderful colors. Mystical. Like it

Amazing view, I love it, thanks for sharing

this is a very beautiful place, this place is worth to visit, I like to place like this.

Excellent Photography.
Really very nice photography.
Thanks for shear it.

Happy Steeming.

Excellent photographs, they transfer you to the place.

this is so fascinating. i always love to take photos of like tress etc . it just so amazing

Your photos gives me goosebumps... the reflection is out of this world. I love when photos taken like this. I myself are always on a look out for opportunity to get this kind of landscape. Thank you for sharing this amazing photos @slowwalker!

Awesome! The design was beautifully crafted.

What camera are you using? The picture is very clear even when night.
I often have trouble to take beautiful photos when night

글은 안놓치고 싶었는데 ㅠ
나중에 번역해서 읽어볼께요^^

You’r pics actually are an orgasm for the eye, what camera were you using if I may ask? Btw thanks for your upvote on my last post ;) !

I dont have stock words anymore but what a beautiful pict! You were done great shot. Your stories always interested!

Great photos. I especially enjoy water reflection photos because it gives me the idea of another dimension on the other side of the water.

I really enjoyed every single one excellent post my very good friend

that looks very impressive with this lighting....

I have no stock words anymore but 'Interesting post. I'm so impressed!' You done some great shot with your lens.

I love the symmetry you achieved in the reflections, very nice!

hermosas fotos

wow I love the reflection in the water, is fantastic, your camera captures a range of colors that vibrate, good photos

Que lugar tan hermoso

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing the images, really beautiful pictures and lovely illusions you captured there. Did you take them on your phone?

[email protected], It's good post on photograohy! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. and i upvote you. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit