The Great Master Byeokam Memorial Stele in Whaeom-sa Temple

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As passing through the gate of Geumgang-mun, I saw a stele of the great master Byeokam.
Here, Byeokam means ‘Blue Stone’
The ‘Blue’ means the ideal concept color of ‘Hope’ and perfection, ‘Am’ means the stones.



He was a great monk and the architecture after the Japanese Invasion 1592 - 1599.
After the war, he had rebuilt several temples which had been destroyed during the War.
Whaeom-sa temple was the one of those temples.

Also he had participated in the War against the Japanese Invasion.

According to the styles of reversed arrangement of the gate and the Geumgang warriors statues, it seemed that the great master Byeokam had rebuilt the Magok-sa temple. But I could not find the records about that.

The foundation of the stele was the shape of the turtle. The turtle was the symbol of the long life.
It was the typical style of the late Choson dynasty style of the stele foundation.




There was a Buddhism instrument on the head of the turtle as same as the rosary in Catholic church.



Wow..whats the meaning of Blue stone really so thoughtfull.Sir.also this temple have so big history also thats interesting. Also turlte.or this animal photography symple looking unique.Really this temple have its own beauty with many hidden thoughts nice place Sir.
.Thanks for sharing. sir @slowwalker
Have a nice day...

Yeah it looks like this monk was a legend! I think that's why they wished long life for him. You nicely explained it and photography that monument so well! Thank you for this great explanation and photography, by using your articles we could learn a lot about Korea and it's civilization!


@slowwalker, I looked most of Korean's temples located naturalize environment. There are very beautiful autumn trees in Whaeom-sa Temple area. Also most amazing technology used for built statues. The shape of turtle has nice meaning as you said. Actually we can learn more things from Whaeom-sa Temple. Well explained with impressive photo clicks.

Always a pleasure to share your content on twitter for my followers to see and read.

You post some great photos.

Thanks again for bringing great content to the #Steem Blockchain.


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OH! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this!I Was Very Excited To See Your Post Great work ( awesome )

Your bloging style so nice.also your all photography and and photography and place information really so minblowing..
I like so much Sir @slowwalker

A temple with a deep meaning is beautiful.

This statue looks like a frog, but its head resembles a mighty goat ))

That's really incredible to see and experience something like this thanks for sharing this :)

Oooo this is a great place. Wonderful view and very powerful temple.
Splendid photography and very wonderful angle also.
Something interesting that you could find those pictures. very wonderful presentation.
You are doing a great job! Love your style @slowwalker.

It is very interesting the summary that you gave us about the temple and the history that have the statues after the invasions many years ago in addition to the reconstruction it had is good to know that they did not let lose this great historical monument

Amazing pictures. Adorable turtle. I don't know why, but she reminds me more of a dragon than a turtle.

Удивительные фотографии. Восхитительная черепаха. Незнаю почему, но она напоминает мне больше драконе чем черепаху.

Great photos and informative essay

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