Sinking of Sae Wol Ho and the saddest thing in my life.

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I have lived 57 years. For that period I have seen and looked so many strange things.
Actually life is the continuation of the difficulty of understanding in my guess.
I had been hardly frightened about something, because I had experienced so many abnormal things in my life.

But there was one accident what made me all but crazy.
It was the sinking of Sea Wol Ho ship in south sea of Korea.

It was 16 April 2014 when Sae Wol was sinking that was broadcasted in TV vividly.
As a result of that accident, 304 people were dead. Victims were mainly high school pupils and teachers and temporary crew members.

I could not forget that scene of sinking, it was sinking slowly in TV.
Captain was escaped from the ship at first, almost of crews were successfully escaped except few temporary crew members.

From that day, I hardly have slept at night. I had been shedding tears unintentionally.
Even at this moment, I could not control my emotion.

What made us worse was the attitude of the former president Park Guen Hye.
It seemed that she didn’t care about the accident with heart.

At the very moment of the accident, I felt the former Park really didn’t feel sorry for the loss of the parents and people. It was just a bothersome accident for her to pass over asap.

In my guess, the expel of the former president Park was mainly originated from that accident.
Of course there were the continuation of unprecedented behavior relating to her patron.

For some days ago, I had dropped the city Mock Po. This visit was for looking at Sae Wol Ho. The ship Sae Wol Ho was moved from the island Jindo where the ship was sunk to the port of Mockpo.

I arrived at port Mock Po early in the morning. The Sea Wind was blowing strongly. There was few people to visit this place. The yellow ribbons were flying with the wind. People have wrote their wishes on the ribbon and tied that to the wire entanglements.



There was a full of the waves of yellow ribbons. It was a wall of yellow ribbons.



It was very sorry that I could not get closer to the ship. I could see the ship far away.






There were the photos of 304 victims who could had been saved, if government and officials did their job properly.



I had prayed for the victims in front of the ship.
Tears came out unintentionally.
But with this visit, I felt like that I cleared the debt of my mind. å


또 눈물이 나네요
잊지 않겠습니다.

Death by drowning is horrific, but worse than the fact of death is the realization that much of the tragedy could have been averted and lives saved.

The injustice is hard to bear mainly because it is stained with the sense of futility and waste which is one of the abiding elements of tragedy.

It's hard to say what kinds of events strike us deeply and profoundly move us, but the kinds of things we mourn define us as persons.

Some people grieve over trivialities - as Faulkner says, their griefs grieve on no universal bones, leaving no scars.

But you care very deeply not only about causes but about people, @slowwalker.

Your post today makes me admire you for your compassion and humanity.

Being sensitive is a gift of God - it cannot be manufactured - it springs from a heart that is vulnerable and tender, and whatever it is is that makes people caring, you have that, my friend.

Have a good day, @slowwalker.

Well said John, as always by you.

Politicians do not care, like our friend here stated. We know this.

@slowwalker has a big heart, I just love his writing and posts.

Have a good week ahead John.

thank you, Barry - Hope your week goes well too :)

Thank you John and Barry for your comments.
It is too much good words for me, I believe most of Koreans have the same sentiment to me, if they saw the ship sinking. I don't think my feeling is special, it would be normal.
But I am still curious for why the politicians including the former president didn't show same sentiment with ordinary people.

Have a nice week, John and Barry

thanks, @slowwalker -I agree - it is a mystery why she didn't exhibit some grief

That was a really sad incident. It was made worse by sheer incompetence by people of authority. It was also very shameful that some of the crew members saved themselves before they attempted to save the children on board.

It is important for us to learn from these incidents. We may have suffered a terrible loss but we should not lose the lesson. It should not be repeated - ever again.

Hopefully the government learns from this lesson and prevents this from happening again.

Yes, I agree with you

we should not lose the lesson. It should not be repeated

Photos are totally amazing! :D

I have to agree!!!! Peace be with us all!!!

may peace be with all of us

Words cannot describe the trauma you have been experiencing for sure. However, I wholeheartedly wish you find piece and can sleep safely soon.
About the former president, Sure she deserves bad end for so many reasons. But I don’t think, her bad end caused by her bad deeds (why?!) Simply because “Life is NOT Fair !”. Many bad people live long happy healthy rich life , and many good people have sad sick poor life. There is NO dependency on good or bad given deeds, but depends on OUR CHOICE . Many evil people justify their bad deeds to themselves so they sleep safely !
I know you can never FORGET, but you can FORGIVE the unfairness of life ( and what happens to you) .. it’s “your choice“ to live in resentment ( which still there even if u felt temporarily happy about something bad happened to your enemy/ or former president) ... if you not forgive, you will keep suffering !

Yes, forgive is a simple prescription, but it is the one of the most difficult thing to do.
But with this visit, I could ease my resentment

Your are right ! @slawwalker
But i tried to look at the problem from a different angle. ( forgive Vs. forget) (forgive life unfairness not a certain person or a direct reason for the catastrophe) . You can use your own different view angles too. Like you are luckier than most others ( who died) and are not able to enjoy reading these lines or expressing their feelings in writing, or making friends, or having new plans and hopes in life .. like what YOU are doing now.
You maybe a slawwaker .. but still enjoying seroundings that fastwaker cannot notice or stop by to enjoy
You are much privileged than Many others , believe me!

All the best and peace be with you.

With true friendly Love 💕

this pictures are really good!

I saw a documentary about this, really sad.

The sinking of the ship events made all the loving people of the world sad. we hope it never happen again, and pray all the victims rest in peace!

Nice photo!

really sad

It was sad but hope for good in future

Hope everyone learn from others mistakes. Great post thanks for sharing

R.I.P. - To all those souls that were lost that day..
No one deserves to die like that.. It's so tragic. :/
Death period is sad.. but for this many people to go.. and such young people.. It is truly a tragedy.

My heart goes out to all those families struggling to continue after losing their loved ones. <3

It's heartwrenching when you feel comnected to a tragedy and the government- the people in power to actually do something, the people who represent YOU, have nothing to day about it.

I can feel your pain through this post. It also goes to show how public art is a tool for collective healing. How the enormity of the yellow ribbons represents your feelings and your helplessness. How visiting such a site which has been appropriated by the public makes you feel better.

Infinite lovewaves to you :)

Thank you for comment

We also heard about it in faraway Poland. What a tragedy...

Sad story

A painful event that is easily forgotten The victim of this tragedy has been a large number of victims, most of them young people

Thanks for sharing this.
This clearly teaches us to not take things for granted.
May they all rest in peace.

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DQmUn5C7s76WQQnhMv8cEzLxzDwEGy53GaDRVMRrkUw9Di6_1680x8400 (1).jpg

My prayers are with the families of the victims..truely sad.

This is very sad actually,
This makes me get a mixture of feelings that generally mean sadness and hope that this kind of things will never happen again at all

Yes, we need to try to prevent this kinds of tragedy

Remember, This world is just temporary, We will meet them in another world. Always think that they smile at us from the heaven.

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Thats sweet, nice to see people with hope and wishes. Bless them

Actually this kind of accidents make me thinking about life..We should enjoy the time that we have on our beautiful planet ! Message for everybody-hate less lkve more..

Thank you for dropping by

when i read your this article, i felt ver sad for the victims and can't calm . i can do nothing but only pray for the victims, wish this kind of event will not happen again.

The victims could hear your pray

What a sad tragedy... Hope we can all learn from this.

Sad to hear this thanks for sharing this news.

Thank you for dropping by

The yellow ribbons gave me the chill. Can't believe the captain escaped before the passingers. May they rest in peace.

That's the saddest thing

Touching. You make me feel Titanic happening all over again, this time, in real life.

But with this visit, I felt like that I cleared the debt of my mind.

Happy for you here @slowwalker. Guilt is a disease whose ultimate cure is laying it to rest.

May the souls of the 304 people who lost their lives to this tragedy have rest and comfort in the life that is to come.

Thank you so much for your comment

I was concerned about friends when the ship accident, a good post friends, because people all know.

Thank you so much

i can remember that incident telecasting on news even in our country..i too deeply moved after seeing those video clips..i am really sorry for the great loss..i can understand the pain of those parents and the deceased members families..nature is so cruel at times..sometimes it hurt the people who have done nothing wrong to her..

I never heard of this tragedy. Yes very sad. Mihanada

Wow just amazing man your post very nice I like it 👍

a great post, hopefully you can also upvotes my post as well. thanks

I knew the minute I saw the first photo what this was about and I don't even live there so I can only imagine. I too remember watching every moment of that happening, hoping as each hour passed that more would get saved, even after the days to come. I remember watching the last videos of some that didn't make it and what they were being told over the speakers and the trust they had for the people that were supposed to watch out for them, to provide safety for them. The ones who were actually getting out and going to live and in reality leaving them behind, except for the select ones that stayed with them and got as many out as possible. This still breaks my heart as it was so unnecessary. I could not imagine being a parent to one of these children, let alone walking past this ribbon wall because it all could've been avoided. I am so sad your soul is hurting over this. Forever love to those that were lost and those that even have to live with the grief and madness of it all.

you make me shed tears again.

Oh, I am sorry. I just said it so I guess you would know that you are not alone in how much this has affected others. Even though I am very far away from everything that happened it never went away from my memory. All your memories and pictures were very very moving. Apologize for adding to any sadness whatsoever.

Thank you for your courage and vulnerability to share this. My heart was with you while reading the entire piece and I just re-steemed it. The idea of tying ribbons with wishes is such a beautiful one and seeing it brought to life in photos was very moving. Thank you!

Thank you so much

You are always inspiring. Improve your work. @ boytaufik

wow, strange story

I'm shocked.


This is so sad 😭

Ooo cute post

Sad to hear this. thanks for sharing this news.

Wow ,, this post a very good, I like this, success always @slowwalker

Powerful story. Keep sharing ideas with your talent of imagery :)

This story is about deep sorrow and i feel pain for the families who suffered due to that.
Your post are always heart touching .
keep sharing

The lost of lives is always sad. Especially so in massive accidents such as aeroplane crashes or ship sinking...

Mankind just have to push on to improve the technology of our inventions to be stronger and safer.

I'm glad you can let go of the pain and suffering...

So sad may their souls rest in perfect peace

so sad and touching. watched in horror in cnn when the accident occured and cried for the school children and families. life is full of joyous and sad events. Bad things happen. I hope you be strong since you let this out and move on. You are quite inspiring to many here especially me and i mention you in my thank you post of today for that. keep being strong for us and keep walking slow @slowwalker

Thank you Etilda

welcome sir. excited to inform yu i did my first ever vlog today in dtube. lets keep steeming hot!

not a good.

Your writing has a strange way of evoking emotions standard English simply cannot manage. Thank you for sharing this.

Waw!! that post was powerfull! i don't know that such a thing has ever happend in this earth if not for this post. I am so much enlightend. Thanks you so much dear for that powerfull post.

oh this so sad my friend,

I haven't visited the site but I always go to the memorial at City Hall in Seoul. I cried my eyes out too.

I believe I taught some of these kids that were on that boat too.

Stupid government and the officials didn't handle this properly and over 300 people had to suffer because they didn't want to face any public backlash and go by the status quo. It's sickening.

Tragedy stories so informative, the Supreme will give fortitude to bear the loss.

one of the saddest moments indeed.. and to think that the victims were mainly students made it worst. my prayers to the lost ones and their families.

so perfet photos , I very like it

I remember that inexplicable tragedy, heartbreaking and shocking, like our 9/11, and the leaders escaped while the ordinary people died. If we lived in ancient times, we might call this a sacrifice of human lives to the demons that the leaders serve. But we are modern people, so we can call it an accident or a crime.

Seeing the pictures really brings it to home. I remember hearing this on the news. I do understand some of the crew died trying to help. Though, I still can't believe the captain and many of the crew escaped the ship safely leaving all the people under their care in the sinking ship.

I loved your publication although it was very sad, but the photographs are really beautiful. regards

It is a very touching story.i really pray for the souls of the departed to rest in peace.i am so sorry for the lost.well the photos were super good.Iove them sir,Nice work.

really sad thanks for sharing

Wow, I'm so happy that you enlighten me on a situation I would of NEVER known about from watching the news. I'm glad we have people like you to tell the truth that goes unseen in the world. Great job... Keep them coming!!

I remember that and it was really macabre but what I did not know was that the captain of the ship escaped first!!!!! I wonder was there any real investigation on how the ship sank?

I grieve over the incident. And I am deeply moved by your story

Nice photos
If i May ask how many people lost thier life ?? 😥

You are old and you have been through many problems, if everyone follows in your footsteps they will surely succeed like you @slowwalker

생각할수록 비극적인 일이 아닐 수가 없네요.

너무 도 허술하고 어처구니 없는 사람들로 인한 사고이기도 하죠.\

어른들의 무책임한 행동들,,,,,,,,,,한심합니다.

A terrible tragedy. So many lives lost...I feel the sadness. You did a terrific job relaying the story, slowwalker. May those precious souls Rest In Peace.

That's a heartbreaking story! Thank you for opening up and sharing it. :(

Life... I am sorry...

This is just too awesome and great post.
But i have one question,I think it is difficult for a new one to get upvote and follower on steemit.

What a terrible news ie the sinking of Sea Wol Ho ship in south sea of Korea.. this real story is heart breaking and my only wish is that the souls of all those dead rest in peace . This brought back memories indeed, thanks for sharing.

very nice photos

Hello my friend.

What made us worse was the attitude of the former president Park Guen Hye.

It seemed that she didn’t care about the accident with heart.

At the very moment of the accident, I felt the former Park really didn’t feel sorry for the loss of the parents and people. It was just a bothersome accident for her to pass over asap.

..... of course, that is what all politicians are about, they do not care about humanity.

Beautiful and sad story but always great heart in your posts @slowwalker.

We are lucky to have you. Thanks for all you do here.

I remember this heartbreaking story on the news. May it NEVER happen again.

Umarım hepsi cennettedir :(

This is so very very sad I don't have words I'm glad you got your closure❤️

Life is a continue "making off process" of our self...
Wishes are like dust in the wind... they are light or heavy, have a material destination or just are blown by the currents...

This is a very hard image to make peace with it, and I feel your tears in my eyes...

All my good thoughts I'm sending to you and may the victims rest in peace...

It's a pity to live in a world without professional conscience.
May God have the souls of victims

Very interesting!

Without any excuse or no reason, I am really really sorry and I will not change my mind forever.

왜 구하지 않았을까요...?ㅠㅠ 너무도 슬프고 어이 없는 일이었습니다. 나몰라라 방관을 했던 것이 아닌, 심지어 여론을 만들어 세월호를 인양하는 것을 지연시켜 정치적으로 무마하려고 했던 지난 사건은 많은 국민들에게 교훈을 주었을 거라고 생각합니다. 다음 번에는 이러한 사고가 일어나지 않기를 간절히 바라봅니다.

I felt sorry for those who lost their lives in that ship @slowwalker
People really are not meat for sailing the seas but we are just too ingenious to conquer the seas.
I hope one day those people will just receive their justice.

I'm a marine engineer, I know the feeling of being lonely in the middle of the sea. When I was single it was easier to sail and deal with the fears. I got married one year ago. Now the idea of leaving my wife behind alone is my worst fear. With your post, I just live that fear deeply when I saw the ribbons and think of the ones left behind. @slowwalker

Interesting I hope that here we can follow and share information of interest, very good post, congratulations.

Interesting I hope that here we can follow and share information of interest, very good post, congratulations.

Some beautiful images, but such a sobering and very human story. We must be grateful for each day we are gifted upon this earth. Thank-you for your post.

What a sad accident ... But I was wondering how it could happen, and why the ship could be turned upside down like that, I am very confused ..

I'm a teacher in south korea and when i heard about this horrible incident it really broke my heart ..

very nice post.

Although the wreck was already on shore, the truth behind it has not yet surfaced.

I also saw the video and it was truly horrifying. Most of the victims were highschool students and I could see their painful reactions what strucked me was when the boy who filmed the video said "I dont wanna die,I still want to survive". I also heard someone saying "Who's going to take care of my sister if I die". I blamed myself for having the courage to watch the video since its always haunting me. They look so alive in the video but after a few minutes it went black. Let us be vigilant and very careful so that this incident wont happen again.

You are old and you have been through many problems, if everyone follows in your footsteps they will surely succeed like you @slowwalker

Let me follow your footsteps @slowwalker

I had no idea this incident ever occured. I'm from the Philippines. Thank you for spresding awareness.

Very sad reality!! I hope it wont happen again in any parts of the world...

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