It Feels Good To Finally Be A Resident Of Colorado!

in #photography5 years ago

I took a bit of a break from authoring new posts on Steemit, but now I am back! (I never really left. I have still been upvoting my favorite authors and reading my favorite trending pages) But now I am back with some epic content to share! 

This summer I moved from Virginia to Colorado! 

Every winter for the last 5 years or so I have flown to CO to snowboard and hang out with some of my best buds. Now I have mountains, adventures, some of my best friends, and cannabis dispensaries all around me. It's pretty sweet. 

I hit a Rockies game the other week and snapped this photo: 

Check out those mountains! 

Get excited 

I have already started photographing and filming my Colorado adventures! A couple of hikes and a drone flight have already been checked off on my list. Stay tuned.

Hi there, I’m Will. First and foremost I am an entrepreneur and voluntaryist. I aspire to help build a more free world, one that we all want to live in. Some of my biggest passions include cryptocurrencies, marketing, finance, cannabis, traveling, bodybuilding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and Subarus. All pictures are my own unless otherwise stated. I release everything under CC0.

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Affiliated STEEM Accounts: @bitcoinshirtz & @trueliberty


Congrats man! I lived in Denver and Colorado Springs for like 15 years! I even owned some franchises out there! Great place to live! 😀

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First of all, welcome back after so many days!
miss you!
Glad to know you moved to Colorado!
I hope you will have a great time here sir.

Great photography,Glad to see you,Wellcome back sir,Really mountains looks so attractive and wonderful,baseball is most famous and popular game in the world,I really like this game,you spend a great time with your friends,you are so enjoying your life,colorado advanture is very impressive advanture,thanks for sharing this great post,

Can't wait to see those Epic topics sir ;) It's good to spend some time with good friends. Have a good day sir.

I hope your arms don't get too cold! Congrats man! Good to see you posting.

I hope your arms don't
Get too cold! Congrats man! Good
To see you posting.

                 - funbobby51

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Glad to see you back in full throttle buddy :)

It sure is a cool shot while will sure be looking forward to the coming entries :)

Congratulations on your new home man.

Those clouds that casted the shadows of the mountains looks amazingly beautiful.
They totally made the entire scene dramatic.


Great to see you back after such a long time and great news you have come back with congratulations :D

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