Where Eagles Fly: I am Checking In ~ Still in Production Shooting

in photography •  4 months ago

Zedekiah Shooting

Hello friends, neighbors & fellow steemians... I am posting to let you folks know that I am still here, though I have slowed down posting to social media as much these days because I am so busy in production.

If you don't know what I am doing with my project "Where Eagles Fly" then you can click on the short film below called "A Love of Nature" to get a sense of what I am doing.

Stay tuned my friends... I am slowly getting back to posting regularly. Yehaw!!

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welcome back skypilot! it's great to see your posts again :D

Missed having you around @skypilot!

Great man! Welcome back!!😀🔝✌️

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Welcome back to our sphere :) Looking forward to your posts.

How are you?

Good news, I really enjoy your photos.

I miss your posts, @skypilot!

THANKs for supporting my posts recently Z ❤️ It has not gone unnoticed. I hope to see posts from you again sometime soon here - I miss your sky high view of the world. I hope your post production is going well and that you are yourself healthy and happy! Steemy greetings 🌈🍀🦋🌴🌅