A Love Of Nature - A Short Film on How I do What I do

in photography •  last year

Ok since you folks seem to be in a film sort of mood, I will share the redo of my introductory short film I made. This illustrates how I do what I do.

I am continuously reworking this so if you have seen it before, you can watch it again and see something new.

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Beautiful shots and video! I'm a photographer who is doing similar but on the ground, I like what you're doing! Great style. You earned another follower.


Hey Thanks, I appreciate your taking time to check it out.

nice pic, our governour in Aceh , Indonesia is a pilot , he is a Governor who likes flying Aircraft Alone during the Office, u can visiting my blog@dilimunanzar warm regard to you mr @skypilot

Wow man, some great shots you have man! I need to want you on your mission sometime :P haha

Wow !!! Such an amazing view <3

I would happy to be there ^ ^

Thank you for sharing :D


Thanks and it is my pleasure to share this experience... glad you want to be there!!! you should consider getting your pilots license so you can experience this yourself!!!

Lucky you. Be well.

i just upvoted and followed u

WOW.... Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day.


My pleasure! Thanks for watching... yehaw!

We need to get back to nature


True that!!!


pilot's license is on my bucket list...looks like a blast. thanks for sharing.

Good luck..i like it

Nice post. Please vot for vot.

Great introductory video, good to get a better view of what you do and what you show.


Thanks, I am continuously revamping it with new images... I will have another version in a few days.


Look forward to seeing it.

What a stunning concept. This is incredibly unique! I have followed and upvoted. More! More!


Thanks JR! I love your response.... this is what I hope for is that people enjoy this and get the concept! Spread the word please... I need all the help I can muster up!! yehaw!!!

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Awesome video! What your doing out there is incredible. I'm actually kinda jealous, lol. I'd love to fly around and get pictures of all that amazing scenery, that is just so cool man.


Derek, it is time for you to get your pilots license!!!!! do it!!

Totally WOW!

You have probably one of the best photo blogs on Steemit... so far my favorite. Awsome work!


Wow! now that is a very cool and kind thing to say.. thank you so much for that!

Beautiful video! Hope to see another one soon but keep it safe. "Every takeoff is optional, every landing is mandatory".


True that!! haha!! A landing you can walk away from is great, a landing you can use the airplane again after is awesome!!! Thanks for your comment and support! yehaw

Totally beautiful angle on natural landscapes and unseen before lands... You've said it - Where Eagles Fly... from the eagle's eye....


Thanks I love that you get the concept!! yehaw!!!

Mindblowingly awesome footage. Your life sounds mega!!


Thank you so much for that! It is truly just normal but I have a neat way to view the world. You can do it also!! Get your pilots license!!!

Wow, wow, wow.. this is really so unique!


Thank you so much!! I am happy you like it! Stay tuned for much more to follow