Plant pests

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Geusong (Leptcorisa oratorius) is a bug or pest which often damage the cultivated plants. This pest is present and damaging to almost all plant species. But of the many types of plants, the most preferred insect pest is the rice plant.




Geusong has a distinctive and very stinging smell. The pest of the pest may produce its distinctive aroma if it is in danger, the pungent aroma is a form of self-defense from the threat of predators. In Indonesia call it by the name of pests Walang sangit only in Aceh name as Geusong.

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These animals can damage crops such as rice crops and other crops

This insect is very dangerous for rice farmers

These are insects that can make our plants so damaged
Please help me friend

Although it looks beautiful but bad things is it damages plants.
How does it walk easily with only 2 legs 🤔
So how do people stop this insect from damaging their plants?

hi hi... This insect is already injured, so the legs stay two

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