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Photography or a image I feel often captures those treasured moments in ones life but I also find that just like the act of writing our collective pictures can also be an art-form. The beauty and meaning of photograph can be expressed and shared in many ways including "by not using any words".

While I do like photography I used to share images when I could that I captured day to day events, the feedback was mostly positive and I continued sharing these "Ulog type" photos.

Almost every picture as a story to tell, or at least that is what I have often been told by some of my regular followers when I first started sharing photos on here.
To those who have often said and expressed that to me I would have to agree with them.

Today 19/3/2022 I share this capture.

Food Photography, Night Cheese BBQ Double Sliced Sandwich

Food Photography, Night Cheese BBQ Double Sliced Sandwich, April 28.jpg

Images By: @simonjay

It's March and the marching army sent to the Ukraine started firing their weapons, as what was a coming war is now very much happening in the streets of the Ukrainians. Also the Bittrex wallet for Steem continues to be inactive, all this together is a nightmare.

I went to sleep late last night and got up slightly later than what I wanted but once up I didn't feel tired, I think this as to do with it not being so freezing cold out of bed and the sun shining it's way in this morning.

I began by getting the things I needed done first so that I would be free later to go out.
It was wonderfully sunny this morning as stated by the forecaster that this weekend we were promised some decent weather, and while it's been sunny previous days I believe this is probably one of the more brighter mornings even if people argued with me that yesterday was nicer.

Which is great as me and my friend are on a mission to go feed animals at the park from some stuff they had acquired from a project, the food was going to go to waste but my friend managed to convince the organisers that we could use it to feed some animals.

While I knew it was still chilly out I was in hope it would at least not rain later and I guess another thing on my mind was I hoped that on this visit to feed the animals we wouldn't run into large groups of druggies like the previous time I visited.

My friend was a little late today but not by much and because of the sun being out they made the mistake of not wearing a jacket and so later they felt very cold to the point I had to give my jacket away to one of them as I had also a jumper on.

It was still definitely cold out this was especially true when faced by the wind and where we were it was mostly all wind.

As I returned home with my jacket returned to me it was even colder, seems tonight was party night, not only were my friends going out to a party but I noticed around the block there were a few places partying and a few people being sick lol.

I thought it was a little early to be puking but realised then how late I left my friends, it's so odd how it's been quiet so much and then suddenly everybody is having a party, there was some weirdos out but only 2 this time.


Anyway as for the picture today I share some food photography which infact I haven't posted any in a good while, but I know it was some of people's favourite photos because I guess who doesn't like food?
I share one of the double cheese and BBQ lettuce sandwich which can be brought from a little café place, they are very tasty.
I haven't had one is a long time as it's more of a drive past sort of place but perhaps one day I can have another one of these double sandwiches.

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Hmm food, funnily the last thing I hate was also a sandwich, a chicken sandwich 🥪

Bon appetit @simonjay that sandwich looks good.

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