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Photography or a image I feel often captures those treasured moments in ones life but I also find that just like the act of writing our collective pictures can also be an art-form. The beauty and meaning of photograph can be expressed and shared in many ways including "by not using any words".

While I do like photography I used to share images when I could that I captured day to day events, the feedback was mostly positive and I continued sharing these "Ulog type" photos.

Almost every picture as a story to tell, or at least that is what I have often been told by some of my regular followers when I first started sharing photos on here.
To those who have often said and expressed that to me I would have to agree with them.

Today 19/3/2023 I share this capture.

Flower Photography RoseLike Flower Single Focus

Flower Photography RoseLike Flower Single Focus May 28 2017.jpg

Images By: @simonjay

Well unless your a sleeping NPC or in a good place it hasn't been exactly a joyful start to the year as the power companies raised the cost of energy again at the start of January.
Honestly it's like they are charging more and more every 4 months or something, it's getting really out of hand and yet it's claimed we are able to produce more energy then ever before due to the technology we have today, the same as been said for food yet much of the world is struggling for food, sounds like someone is telling us lies.
To make it even better the greedy scum in charge of the energy are planning to once again raise the costs, guess I was right about a rise every 4 months.
While people are already angry about this in general it's not enough, we need to constantly be battling these idiots or we are going to be spending all our wages turning on a light for 1 minute, is this really what we want..
Not only that but it's also been a year since the attack in the Ukraine, on both sides thousands of innocent people are being affected.

Last night I went to sleep later then the usual late hour which is annoying because I have been doing well these past 2 weeks mostly going to sleep earlier.
Sure there as been a few slip-up but mostly doing better and getting more sleep than I used to which is good but I hope that with now having a few things organised I can resume this as it's those things that were keeping me busy till late.

When I got up this morning I was hoping for a brighter day considering that yesterday was a lot more sunny and warmer but instead it's a dull day and a lot colder compared to yesterdays temperatures.
Still I prefer having some days warmer rather then consistently having very cold days.

I took some extra rest this morning since I went to sleep later and for the most part I could do this as I didn't have work, I did however get up earlier then I expected, yes like always I get less sleep but more willing to get up, it makes no sense.

Still it's good I didn't sleep for too long as I wanted to get things done before meeting with friends later for their celebration.
One of my friends got a promotion, which will only be happening later in the year and I also believe it's not %100 confirmed yet, so for me personally I feel it's a bit early to be celebrating.
Of course this as nothing to do with me and if they want to spend money celebrating then I guess that's their choice, I'm just different in that way where I like it to be fully confirmed.

So I started with doing chores and logging on Steemit, I didn't get any time to do some of the other things I wanted as I was meeting up with some other friends a little earlier.

While the morning was still cold by the time i left the temperature was a little better, after hanging with friends for a while we went to Pizza Hut which I like a lot.
I normally have no complaints about the place but admit I don't like the fact they seem to be losing their focus on people skills as you must do your orders via the app and also pay your bill in the same way.
It's like they want nothing to do with their customers anymore, however going there I already knew this is their new way of operating.
That aside what I didn't like is the staff seemed to literally be trying to get us out as soon as possible, we were not even half way through our pizzas and staff were already coming up to us and asking if we wanted boxes to take out pizzas away wdf..!?
Not only that but they were literally snatching our plates and cups so we couldn't get anymore refills on our drinks.
I can also add something else, but this didn't effect me in any way, but they had a line of people waiting to be sat down yet a ton of empty tables near us, I guess they were trying to close one section down but when you got a long line of people waiting for a long time just to sit they are really just being shit at service.
Some of the customers started to complain and argue about waiting so long and while on most instances I'm on the staff's side I honestly couldn't agree more with the waiting customers, I just think pizza hut need to sort themselves out or more will close.

After all that some of my friends still wanted to go get ice cream and so we did and after that we made our way home.
I wasn't that cold tonight infact it was very pleasant out there were also no weirdos on the way.
Regardless I'm glad today was over without any incidents with my mother.


Anyway as for the picture today I share some flower photography and yes I know that flower photography on Steemit as a bit of a "bad reputation". This is mostly because it was often used by spammers to make like 8 posts each day but hopefully as you can see from my blog I'm nowhere near making 8 or more posts per day on flowers.
When I took this it may have been on my way to work, I saw this interesting yet beautiful wall bush in flower and had to capture it.
There were I believe a total of 3 different flowers, one of them is the rose, another is similar to a rose but it's red and yellow and then there is this one that also looks also similar to a rose, well some of it's petals sometimes do.
In this photo I focus on the red flower which is slightly similar to a rose, a single close up capture here in hopes that someone can tell me it's name.
Unfortunately I'm not good with recognising most flowers and so don't know what are the names of these flowers but this brings to you a great opportunity, if you recognise the flower please tell me the correct name of it and you will receive a upvote from me.
However I'm really happy with how this picture came out, it's nice in capturing the details of the flowers petals some of it is still a little blurry, I think is because of the intense colour but the background is a little more blurred which is exactly what I was aiming for with this capture.

Other Captures

Flower Photography, Wall Roses Rouge
Flower Photography, Wall Roses Rouge, May 21 2017.jpg

Flower Photography The 3 Flower Bush May
Flower Photography The 3 Flower Bush May 28 2017.jpg

Flower Photography, Wall Roses Red FaceAway
Flower Photography, Wall Roses Red FaceAway, May 21 2017.jpg


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