A Beautiful, Chilly winter sunset

in #photography3 years ago

I could say something, but this photo really speaks for itself, I was speechless when I took it.





Really beautiful clouds you have captured here!

Thanks! this time of the year makes those :)
btw, i have a camera like the one in your profile pic somewhere :)

Good job, looks so beautifully captured.

What a nice shot! Take a look at my blog. Think i made some nice pics too

Speechless photo shoot. Good photographer. Wish to travelled at Israel. Thanks for sharing the post

Thanks! And you're very welcome to visit :)

Good photographer.Thanks for sharing the post.

Thanks :)

I understand now - you're just a sky master!)
how else can you explain SUCH perfect photos of sky?))
it really need no words and descriptions!

Thank you <3
made me blush

In one word: fascinating

Wow thanks :)

nice photo.

Thanks :)

Makes me feel so small.. Majestic! Very nice pic mate.

Thanks :)

You are very welcome!! Actually just posted my first pics (started 3 days ago) and would be very appreciative if you could give me some advice!!
Cheers mate!! 😄

Beautiful photos, I upvoted all and followed :) Thanks for your comments :)

Thank you so much man ❤️ Mean alot, really. ill try to keep up the good work and honour the "trust" you deposit in me 😁
All the best mate, thank you!!

Hehe you're very welcome :)

beautiful sky . Like a something there are live :)

Well in a way the sky is alive :) thanks!

Beautifull color sky @simba

You're a good photography.
Very Nice Post

Real beautiful sky ..

Thanks, its typical for the winter here, more blue and white and grey, less yellow and orange :)

Winter is the season out of millions of colors

Winter is the season out of millions of colors :)

good dick i need that piss in my mouth fuckers

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