Photography on excellent rural views in India

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Really town life is very busy place. Though I live in town , my mind want to catch village nature and rural views. Infact rural views are always excellent. There are covered many green crops in all fields. I cry my mind for going to village . Actually Rural view has mixed heaven happiness. I born in village. Really I don't like this busy town life. When I got leisure time , I go to close rural nature. It gives me pleasure and removes me my tension.My eyes always want to green nature.i go to village , I got devine happiness.All scenes of village are really fantastic and incredible .In a word it is diversity Nature.Rural views has no any pollution, . I love rural views , I always express so frankly on my maximum post.The people of village work hard , and they produce different types of crops. They produce golden rice .His contribution is not be forgotten.

Simple close shots on rural views ....



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