Poems down the streets

in photography •  2 years ago

Walking along the streets of my city (Pistoia, Italy) I saw this poem on the road sign. 

It's difficult, for me, to translate a poem in English, but in the paper you can read these words:

"Volti invischiati

Tra i cristalli

Delle vetture lucidate.

Surrugati anagrafici dell'urbanità."

that literally means:

"Embroiled faces

Between the crystals

Of polished cars.

Biographical surrogacy of Urbanity."

The poem is wrote by an anonimous group of people that use the name "Lo stendiversomio" ^_^

It's a very lovely initiative, a way to give a nice moment to every citizen ^_^

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

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Lovely indeed!


It was a nice surprise to see poems along the streets! I'll take more photos the next time ^_^