Inside the fortress

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Happy Sunday to you all! Today I want to take you inside one of the beautiful place t visit in my city (Pistoia, Italy): the ancient fortress of Santa Barbara!

It's a 14th century fortress, built to guard our town and tha name "Santa Barbara" is because Saint Barbara is the patron saint of the  artillerymen (and miners too). The oldest part of the fortress was built in the 1331, when the Florentine Republic had the power over my city, but the building was enlarged just in the 1531.

Even if it could seems a castle, this building was just for defences and, for a short period, as jail.

 I'm proud to say that after more than 600 years (and a lot of wars), this fortress is well preserved and a very important part of our history. 

Today there was a special event inside the fortress: a medieval re-enactment! People in beautiful ancient costumes was there and along the streets of the city for all the day.

I really think the fortress is the perfect place for a similar re-enactment ^_^

I hope you appreciated this virtual tour inside our fortress!

See ya soon and steem on,


silvia beneforti

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silvia beneforti
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Wonderful day you had so nice to see these special shots

Yes, it was a wonderful Sunday ^_^

I love the dresses :)

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Me too <3

nice shots

Thanks, Adele ^_^

It's cool to have that nearby. The UK has lots of castles, but none near us have survived. In my home town there was just a mound. I think the castle was destroyed in the English civil war

This one is very close to my house, just few minutes waling on the street ^^ Fortunately this building "arrived" to us in good condition and I know that during the second WW some people saved their life from bombs thanks this building. Now it's open every morning ( free entrance) and I think it's the best witness of the past we have here. ^^

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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I can't express how much I enjoy such festivals:) A possibility to wear fancy suits without risk of instant toothache, lice and sudden death from plague lol:)