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Glee Bruek is the name of a village in Lhoong sub-district, Aceh Besar district. The village was completely destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. However, after the tsunami waves hit, Glee Bruek Village has many beautiful sights. One of them is a bridge that is usually passed by the community to get to meulaboh city of west aceh sub-district before the Tsunami.
It was around Tuesday, February 04, 2014, with my brother-in-law being near the bridge to buy watermelon fruit belonging to the farmer in the village. However, while I was resting while checking the watermelon fruit to be transported using the Car, looks beautiful bridge scenery. And do not forget I'm documenting it. After I took a photo of the bridge, I really did not believe the photo was the result of my photo. Because the result is very beautiful almost like painting. And also I thought to myself when I was relaxed after taking a photo of the bridge, why the village government or the district government and the district government did not make the bridge as a tourist attraction. Especially with the place become a tourist attraction, at least the community, especially young people who do not have jobs can have jobs. In that place they can sell anything that can be eaten or drunk and they can sell their work to tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Really we are not grateful for the gift of god. And with the bridge, the local community or outsiders can remember the tsunami event in 2004. Therefore, it can be concluded that every disaster must be taught. Probably just my writing about the bridge in the district gang bruek subdistrict lhoong aceh big district. I apologize to the reader, because I am just a young man who learned to write. Please enlighten the seniors.


Saya juga punya kenangan disana, Glebruek dan Gapui.

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