Smartphone photography - my three amazing little animals

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Dear friends stemians...

Hello steemit friends around the world wherever you are, may you all in good health always and continue to work in steemit

For my post tonight discuss the beauty of animals

animals are one of the millions of creatures that God has created for humans. We as humans are obliged to maintain and maintain their habitat so that they will live and continue to grow

Like the animals in this photo
. This animal is one of the so-called animal groups



image Dragonflies are a type of insect that enters the Odonata order. In general, relatively large bodied dragonfly, perched nsayar premises open and stretched sideways.

Broadly speaking, the life cycle of dragonflies is spent much below the surface of the water in the form of nymphs. Breathing used is using internal gills.

In the water nymph can hunt and prey on tadpoles and child fish. But after adult, caoung can only live for 4 months.



Ladybugs are insects that enter into the family of arthropods and the hemiptera order. This smallish stature does not experience metaphorosis perfectly. It has thin and transparent wings. And a shaped mouth structure is like a needle.

The process of breeding this paternity is necessary to pass marriage so that females can fertilize the eggs and breed.

Almost all over the globe the poles will be spotted with pistils. Because of their way of life they are diverse making the spread so vast.

little butterfly

whether this butterfly or not, which is clearly the same shape as other great butterflies,

that some photos that I made for me postingkan in this post may be useful for all of us thank you already read my blog

this photo is all i purposely take to my friend @lightsplasher hopefully my best friend @lightsplasher love it thanks

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