"Virgin Islands: Infrared" - an journey into the unseen realm of IR Photography

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These images were not created by using photoshop or any other editing techniques. They were taken with a Canon 30D DSLR camera that was modified to capture light in the infrared wavelength. Standard cameras have a clear filter in front of the sensor that blocks out infrared light. To modify the camera, this filter is removed and a filter that blocks the visible color spectrum is put in place. Infrared light is not visible to our eyes, and it is amazing to see a whole world that is normally not observed with the naked eye. So with this short introduction I would like to present to you selections of a photo project that I have been working on for the past 6 years, entitled "Virgin Islands: Infrared".

This is a view of Charlotte Amalie town area and harbor, on the south side of St. Thomas.

Infrared photography can create stunning contrasts, and is great for monotone photography. Infrared photography also eliminates lots of haze and fog in photos.

This view is from Annaberg Slave Ruins in St. John. One of the most beautiful views ever. I will have to share a color version of this view soon.

This beautiful tree silhouette was taken on Magens Bay in the evening before sundown.

This is another shot from ruin in St. John. Infrared makes these photos so surreal and sometimes haunting.

It is so interesting to see what reflects infrared light and what doesnt. As you can see, the bivalves are reflecting the loight heavily in this picture, while the snails are not. The mussels have a living slimy coating on the shell and the shell is alive and growing.

An amazing shot from Lindquist Beach along the reef.

Plantlife reflects a bright whitish blue image while the ocean absorbs most of the infrared light, creating stunning contrasts in landscapes and clouds in the sky. This photo is the famous Trunk Bay view in St. John.

Even though this seafan has washed ashore you can see that it is technically still alive. It reflects like the plants. The visible color of this seafan was of a medium purple.

A hidden escape in St. John.

Fort Christian, in downtown Charlotte Amalie, surrounded by ancient mahogany tree. Very majestic.

A coconut tree basking in the bright sun.

Inside the Annaberg Ruins in St. John.

Infrared is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. This is my first time sharing my infrared work on this platform, but I look to make it a regular habit to post more. I also shoot lightning photos, and being that we are now entering storm season I will be sharing some of that work also. Past and present. I hope you enjoyed this photo selection, and look out for part 2 of Virgin Islands: Infrared.


Jared Shomo

Always original content.


thx for sharing

thx for sharing

I love this, I am from Saint Thomas ! Upvoted :) and followed

peace bro! good to meet you.. I checked out your page.. your artwork is great! I love to see original art! keep it up..peace

Thanks so much, it really motivates me to read comments on my art - Means a lot , I love your page, just checked it out and brings back some memories haha. Quick Question: Why can I not reblog your older post? --

not sure... im pretty new to this but im thinking maybe after one week you cant resteem something

Yeah, I was thinking that as well - I just made this about a week ago. Still learning some things. - Thanks for the reply m8

Oh my that is really amazing to see the world like that! I love the second photo. The trees looks like they are covered in blue ice.
Everything looks like it is ice cold! Cant wait for more then :)

Yes it is a whole new world to explore. So many cool things that happen. I have taken pictures of paintings where half of the colors and strokes used didnt even show up in the picture.. its amazing ... I look forward to posting more real soon. Thanks for checking it out and commenting.

Woow..all pics are really amazing !! This kind of natures beauty always makes me feel like when i will be there in reality ..

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Gorgeous! I am very much intrigued by infrared -- I find these images haunting.

I'm sharing this post.

thank you very much.. i appreciate you looking at my work

Very cool man. Never heard of this technique. I think those would all be beautiful no matter how you shot them but this method adds a nice effect. Cool project.

Thanks I appreciate your positive inspiration.

Those are some really cool looking photos. Upvoted and Resteemed. :)

Thanks alot Carlos, I appreciate it!

Nice work @shomophoto. I would say all the photos are beautifully captured and the editing is reaaly awesome. Keep stteming and showing your talent 😃

Thank you.. These photos have not been altered with editing. They are taken with an infrared camera. The only thing i have adjusted is basic exposure levels and sharpness.

Nice shots! IR photography is so interesting. it really makes everything look so alien :)

Never seen anything like this, lovely work!

thank you.. much appreciated... I will show you much more soon!

Photographs are amazing. The style makes themm look like a winter fairytale!

yes i think it is amazing to make a tropical scene look cold

You should take some pics of people.

Thanks. I will be sharing more of my infrared work real soon. Some which include people. Stay tuned. Peace

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Beautiful work! I love infrared! I also like how you explain how to get infrared.

thank you! I will be posting more infrared works often... thanks for stopping by and commenting

hmm never heard of such a thing as IR photography it makes for some interesting photos for sure. I love taking photos myself and enjoy others work.

Keep the posting up and best wishes from a fellow steemian! :)