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Royal Bengal Tiger king of animal.

The Bengal tiger is that the most varied tiger race in Asia, and was calculable at fewer than two,500 people by 2011. Since 2008, it's listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List and is vulnerable by preparation, loss and fragmentation of surroundings. None of the Tiger Conservation Landscapes at intervals its vary is taken into account massive enough to support an efficient population of quite 250 adult people.

The tiger arrived within the Indian landmass regarding twelve,000 years agone. India's tiger population was calculable at one,706–1,909 people in 2010. By 2014, the population had seemingly accumulated to AN calculable two,226 people. Around 440 tigers ar calculable in East Pakistan, 163–253 tigers in Asian country and 103 tigers in Asian nation. IMG_20160731_145452.jpgThe Bengal tiger ranks among the most important wild cats alive nowadays. it's thus thought of to belong to the world's attractive megafauna. it's the national animal of each India and East Pakistan

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