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Went hiking today and shot this sunset view from inside a mountainside cavern with a man-made structure built into it known as Yinhe Cave.


f/8 | 1/30 s | ISO 100

A shot of the Yinhe Cave and Yinhe Waterfall from the outside.


f/4 | 1/4 s | ISO 1600

Equipment Used

  • Camera: Sony A73
  • Lens: Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f/4
  • Software: Lightroom Classic CC

Hope you enjoyed this post! I strive hard to provide original quality content :)

My goal is to share with this wonderful community my passion in photography, and hopefully contribute to the awesome inspirational content on Steemit.

I read and try to respond to all comments, and welcome any photography related questions and feedback!


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Nice shots! I'd love to do some exploring around that waterfall and, possibly, in the cave. That looks amazing.

Yeah it's a good hike with a nice view!

Awesome view

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Yup, one can view the landscape from behind that waterfall.

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