[PHOTOS] The most beautiful festival in South Africa

in photography •  last year

Here are some of my photos of Mieliepop Festival back in 2015. Located in Lothair, Mpumalanga it is the most beautiful festival I've been to in the country. I've been to many festivals especially working as a photographer yet every year this is the one I look forward to the most and looking at the images always fills me with nostalgia and eagerness to return.

Take a look at the shots below and comment with your thoughts. What's your favourite festival and where is it?

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Great photos of the Mpumalanga highveld.


Thanks for the support and resteem! Super appreciated!

Wow, some amazing pictures! Top 2 are my favorite.


Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!

Wow' Nice view & amazing shoot.


Thank you!

Beutifull scenary @shenscott.
I like to visit there..


Thanks so much! You definitely should!