Photos from South Africa's streets

in photography •  last year  (edited)

A few of my shots from the streets of South Africa's capital city: Pretoria

A street performer in mime. It's common to see people begging and performing at traffic lights for spare change.

Men prepare chickens in a "potjie" - a three-legged pot used over a fire. Most likely to be sold during the day.

Workers of various industries arrive in the city during the early hours of the morning.

A man in a suit carries a backpack like a schoolkid and walks past a closed liquor store.

An alley "brown street" is unmarked and considered one of the more dangerous streets in the city. It's sparse now but the next time I went we faced some trouble.

It's common to find people carrying bags or pushing trolleys of collected scrap and rubbish to trade in at recycling depots.

Two recyclers walk past a sign that reads "Tough, durable and kind to the planet."

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I get a pretty good feel for the streets in your city through these images. I really liked the one from "brown street" but would've wished for a closer shot when you neared the gentleman a little more. That would've taked the car away on the left and probably get some facial expressions from the guy as well. However, as you're stating that this is a dangerous street to be in, you might want to reconsider my advise for up-close images :)


Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely keep that in mind for possible future works.

Really truthful photos !


Thank you!

Cool Pics! I'm from Snor City (aka Pretoria) as well... looking forward to more of your pics.


Hahaha everyone knows you around here :D


hmmmmmm.... 90% of what you heard is probably true... and only because I'm still working on the other 10% :p