[PHOTOS] Botanical baby

in photography •  last year

Hi Steemians!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to our National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria, South Africa to make some visuals.
This is what came out of it:











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Absolutely beautiful, photos and model! Stunning.


Thanks so much for your kind words!

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Hello, u have a beautiful shots in there, maybe u can enter the photography contest and at the same time u can share ur lovely photos in the community. U can check it out hosted by @juliank just click it to read some of the details. Steem on and good luck.


Will do! Thank you!

VERY DOPE ,i Stay in Pretoria too .i love Botanical Gardens .keep up the good work


Awesome thank you! Good to find other people from my city here :D


Yeah same here bro ,your pictures are so dope i wanna also take pictures of whats going on here in RSA soon as i get my Camera,otherwise i only got my phone to take pictures ,which sucks .keep up the good work .