[Part 1] Scenes from Guatemala and Mexico

in photography •  last year

Here are some shots from my travels to Guatemala and a little bit of Mexico.

Guatemala is famous internationally for it's coffee and farms can be found almost everywhere you go with trees growing even on the side of the road.

From a small lagoon in Tapachula, Mexico

The sunset visible from our hotel in Tapachula, Mexico

The Mexican ocean has the warmest sea water I've ever swam in. Coconuts and palm trees can be found all along the shore.

A pier leading into Lake Atitlan, a lake in Guatemala with each town on it's banks named after a different saint.

A view of a volcano in the lake that's still active and smoking.

A scene from the streets of Antigua, probably the most tourist filled town in the country.

The banks of Rio Dulce, a river leading out to the Caribbean

The little boat we travelled up the river in despite pouring rain.

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Nice pictures which camera do you use? Please take a look at my account!


I think these were on a Nikon d3100 :). Sure I'll take a look now!


That’s a nice camera!

Very nice shots, really love the sunset shot in Tapachula, Mexico.


Thanks so much! It took my breath away when I saw it and I knew I had to steal a shot :D