FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY; #flowerphotography

in photography •  6 months ago



Couldn’t resist myself to take these photographs while visiting construstion sales office. I was amazed to see greenery and beautiful water fountain at their garden. In rainy season greenery look more beautiful, as big fan of rain.😊

Thank you and have a happy rainy days!


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That's beautiful @shanu, but you can add more information about the flower in your post.. Do you recognise the flower names?


Thanks for visiting my page @dipoabasch... appreciate a lot. You are right i could add more lines but then I was not getting what else I can write, So posted whatever I could think😊 I know some of these flower names but not all.


Why don't write about your daily life just like other people do using ulogs.org? Yes.. You can just ask the Steemians if you don't know the name but writing the one that you know in your language and perhaps a little help of Google too.


Thank you @dipoabasch for telling me about ULOG. I made my acoount their and just posted one more post. I had great experienced while writing. It’s easy and fun.😊