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Greetings Steemians!

A couple of weeks ago I visited a show aquarium which is set-up and maintained by a private association of hobby aquarists.

I have already visited quite a number of professional zoo aquariums. Many of those often impress with particularly unusual and sometimes very large species, whose keeping and care would exceed the possibilities of private aquarists.

However, I was deeply impressed by the design of the individual tanks in this privately operated aquarium. With great imagination and a lot of love for the details, enchanting underwater worlds were presented here. Foreign worlds which invited to enter them mentally. One scenery even made me to somehow drift in space.

Although it was technically a stretch for a mobile's cam I hope that a part of these underwater world's magic comes through with the following pictures.

Welcome to the reef.

Nemo's snuggery.


A pack of Piranhas - silently waiting for their prey.
(In fact, I learned that they are far less dangerous than their reputation suggests.)


Mr. Bullhead.

A seahorse breeding station.

Can there be anything more alien than these little creatures?

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S.


Amazing captures @shaka, the underwater world has fascinated me since my childhood - are you an aquarist yourself? I would love to see your fishtank setup. Here is the last one I had (before I started my nomadic lifestyle).


Yes, I used to keep a blue crayfish :) His name is Claude and he is awesome :)


No, I'm not an aquarist. Having a fish tank and creating an own underwater word definitely has it's appeal to me but I couldn't afford the time for doing it properly.

A wonderful creature this blue crayfish!

Thank you! :) Yeah, it takes time to keep your fishtank nice and clean and its residents happy but I can tell you we often ended up watching the aquarium rather then the TV or other screens :) The underwater world is incredibly appealing - even the smallest one ;)


I've been always fascinated by aquariums. They can be built in such a great detail with beautiful stones, plants and lights. I actually wouldn't put fish in there as I'm traveling a lot so I wouldn't be able to take care of them, but I would turn it into a very nice decoration :) You must be a very skilled photographer if you're able to take such photos with a phone. My favorite one would be the one with Nemo..

Fantastische Farben! Wie du weist, strebe ich lieber in die Höhe als in die Tiefe, so dass ich mir meine Eindrücke von der Unterwasserwelt sehr gerne in Form von Bildern abhole.

Vielen Dank!

Those colours are spectacular. Especially as so many of these pretty sea creatures are far from the appreciative eyes of humans, protected beneath the waves. Looks like a special experience @shaka, despite only having your mobile

The underwater world has its own special charm. It is like being immersed in something hidden, surreal and yet one finds colors and forms that relate to the world above the water. I find the mushrooms interesting on your first photo.

Heartily, the @faltermann 🐛 🦋

I found those mushrooms very special and dreamworldish, too.

Wonderful underwater creatures, it is unbelievable how colorful they are and amazing how different their forms, sizes and behavior, really feels like another world.

When I see underwater world sometimes it makes me scary to know how much rubbish we human throw into our oceans, seas and how we destroy this amazing world. Sometimes it feels like so long I do not see it does not exist. I hope that people start thinking and stop polluting oceans, so that our future generation will enjoy live that underwater world and not only in Aquariums. Cheers, @art-venture

Very impressed with the aquarium, and the photos are gorgeous. Sometimes I listen to things on YouTube, but watch some of the beautiful HD aquarium clips that are available. So relaxing.

Wonderful underwater photo images, @shaka. So colorful, reach in variety of different shapes. It is so relaxing to look at such photos.

Can there be anything more alien than these little creatures?

Yeah, and it gets even weirder when you consider the fact that the males get pregnant and carry the babies.

I just looked it up, really fascinating. Maybe the first Seahorse-eggs came in on an asteroid.

Naaa, we and everything else are just a software ;)

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