Shaka's Travel Book - Silves, the Algarve's former capital (Part 2)

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After visiting the Cathedral I further walked up the hill and finally reached the Castle of Silves. It was built as a fortress by the Romans and later served as the seat of the emirate during the Moorish domination.

Not much had remained of the magnificent Moorish palaces and yet a visit to the complex is well worth it. The outer walls and fortification towers were extensively restored at the beginning of the twentieth century. A circular path leads along the outer wall and offers a spectacular view towards the interior of the castle with its beautiful gardens, but also far beyond over the atmospheric hinterland.

But see for yourself:

Approaching the fortification.

The outer walls shine in the late afternoon sun.

The mighty bronze statue of King Dom Sancho guards the main entrance to the castle. During the Portuguese Reconquista, Dom Sancho was the first to succeed in reconquering Silves. But only to lose it again to the Kings of Al-Andalus a short time after.

"You shall not pass!"

I nevertheless did and enjoyed the tour along the outer walls.







Evening mood is coming up over the country.

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you back next time when I will close this chapter of my travel book.


All photos recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S. All rights reserved.


This incredible tour, the best thing is that King Dom Sancho could not stop you and you could show us more photos !! Great job!

haha, yes, I was really determined to get in :)

Castle grounds represent in their own way the boundary to the enemy outside world and to the safe inside world. Your spell reminded me of the Lord of the Rings: You shall not pass. It interprets the thought of not disturbing an idyll and respectfully approaching it. What have been built must be protected. It is much more than the material achievements, but also the ideal values that one wants to see protected.

There is always a space between security and permeability. Anyone who wants to do this can bridge it and, depending on whose convictions he carries, will be welcomed or expelled from the door. "Say friend and enter," is another saying the saga names, and whenever a person wants to be a friend of another human being, friendship can grow.

While in the distant past struggles were more personal, more physical, and more frequent, today they are more impersonal, far more effective, and difficult to see through.

The castle represents the simplicity of an age in which roles in societies were more clearly defined. They are much less so today. The longing for tribalism and village communities is growing as global flows and interactions become apparent and in part frightening.

A view of the quiet hinterland from the castle height is like a poem that reminds us to seek inner peace. Role finding offers more freedom than in the historical times but at the same time less orientation.

Thanks for the mood.

Wow wonderful pictures ☺️

I have been really enjoying your Portuguese travel series. For some reason, there haven´t been too many posts on this beautiful country here on Steem. I haven´t been there yet but I will be heading out there soon and I cannot wait :) We are relocating to the Azores for the winter. Have you been there? They say the islands are similar to New Zealand in terms of natural beauty.

Die Burg sieht sehr interessant aus.
Besonders der Burggarten ist wunderbar.
Danke für deinen schönen Bericht.
Viele Grüße.

Beautiful ancient "Castle of Silves" with amazing fortress and wonderful view! The statue of King Dom Sancho is great. The garden is excellent with a lot of trees and the flowers are very gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Wow they have preserved every bit of it super cool to see that place !

Wow its a mind blowing photography, i am so impressed see your shots.. Thanks @shaka i am always read your vlog and enjoying..


Yea true those they are really mind blowing. Amazing pics @shaka

wow the place looks so beautiful.You captured some amazing photos.

Very interesting post, with great photos!!

Thank you!

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wow...wunderschöne bilder....schön anzusehen...lg

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