Ice cream is a tasty delicious and yummy

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Ice cream used as a dessert in our daily routines.Ice cream is very famous all over the world.There are so many flavors of ice cream like vanilla chocolate mango banana strawberry tutti fruiti and so more.Ice cream made by dairy products like milk cream dry fruits flavours and sugar.Ice cream is a frozen dessert and children like to eat ice cream so much.Ice cream is cold and mostly peoples like to eat ice cream in summer season.If you don't like any flavour of ice cream then you can choose another flavour.


I like vanilla mango tutti fruiti and banana flavour of ice cream.Ice cream is also served with topping with chocolate and wafers.Ice cream are in many types like cone ice cream.cup cakes are also a part of desert.cup cakes are also a part of desert.this is my favorite sweet.we love to eat cup cakes.I can't resist to eat cup cakes when I see them around however this is my bad habbit.We should not eat too much sweets as they can be bad for our dental health.

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It seems so delicious, it feels like I want to taste @shahbaz12

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Delicious, I need this right now haha.

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Ice cream IS happy and delicious and yummy! I keep telling my GF that and she refuses to accept the fact that she needs more ice cream in her life. Sad times, sad times! :(

But your post is wonderfully inspiring. I want ice cream right now!