Spring is an amazing time. Snowdrops in our garden. Petals Contests: #Flower.

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Spring is an amazing time of year when everything comes to life. We all expect the heat and the first spring flowers after the winter.

In Ukraine, there are three types of snowdrops: the snowdrop is common, the snowdrop is folded, the snowdrop Elvez. In Ukraine, snowdrops appear at the end of winter, early spring.

In Ukraine, snowdrops are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Because of the massive excavation of bulbs and the collection of flowers, the flowers are endangered. Therefore, they are punishable by law.

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Snowdrop common (Galanthus nivalis) - perennial bulbous plant. The name of the genus comes from the Greek words, which in translation mean "milky-floral" (the color of the flowers of this plant resembles milk). Snowdrop usual grows in deciduous forests and bushes in the Carpathians and western forest-steppe areas.

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Snowdrop Elvez is a tall snowdrop, whose peduncles can reach a height of 15-25 cm. The leaves of this species are broad, sometimes up to 2 cm, bluish-green in color. Flowers are white, large, globose. Blooms before the snowdrop usual.

Especially early blooms and blooms bloom for a long time. Its flowering lasts about 30 days. The flowers are white with a yellow patch inside, they have a pleasant aroma. Later, but also prolonged flowering is observed in snowdrops folded and Caucasian.

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Snowdrop folded (Galanthus plicatus M.Bieb.)- perennial bulbous plant. One of the three species of the flora of Ukraine. The name of the genus comes from the Greek words, which in translation mean "milky-floral" (the color of the flowers of this plant resembles milk). Folded - from fold to puff. Snowdrop folded meets in foothills and mountains, on a roadside of woods and in thickets.

In the photo you can see the snowdrop usual.

підсніжники  (1 з 1).jpg

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Photo yang sangat indah.dan bisa melihat jenis bunga yang berada di ukraina.posting yang bagus teduh


Thank you

It's really beautiful, wonderful photos.


Thank you.

Beautiful. We are still a long way from spring here in Northern Canada !


Winter is also a long time in Ukraine this year. snow had fallen even the day before yesterday

Дуже красиво і цікаво. Ранні квіти найстійкіші і найкрасивіші. У них просто немає конкурентів! :-)

P.S. У нас вже весна і я можу пропустити ваші пости... Щоб уникнути цього я налаштував steemauto.com. Нехай голосує за кожен пост, а я, коли буде час - перегляну ваш блог і залишу коментарі. :-)


Дякую. Завжди з задоволенням читаю ваші коментарі. В мене зараз часу на стіміт обмаль, забігаю ввечері на кілька хвилин. Слушна думка, потрібно і собі налаштувати.

Wonderful.. Flowers photography thank you my friend @shady


Thank you.

So pretty! I hardly see them n the wild. Usually just in gardens.


Thank you. We have many flowers in the wild.