The Running Beauty: Capture From Bus Window.

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You are a very lucky one when your country has great natural beauty and resources. The natural beauty of your country will make you a great country lover and the natural resources of your country will ensure your better and solvent life. I'm from Bangladesh we have great natural beauty all over our country, but we have no much natural resources like other developed countries.


Natural Gas is only and very powerful natural resource for us. But the most powerful resource for any developed countries in this era is the technology. The world is now in 2020, but we are living still in 2012-2015. Lacking the modern technology we are unable to utilize our very powerful natural resource The natural Gas.


But one great news for our country people from 2014 to 2020 we have great development in our internal communications area. The Dhaka Mymemmnsing double way Highway is the best example. This road is the best Example one the best highway in terms of roadside beauty all over the world.


I used to go through this road twice or three every month. I have a very bad habit I can't awake when I travel by bus. But when I used to travel through this Highway I just can't sleep on the bus. I just looked through the window.



It was quite difficult to capture from a running bus window. The road is decorated with beautiful flower tree. Now it is rainy season in our country and the maximum of flower trees are catching our eyes and mind by thier most beautiful gift in the world.


Our government should take very necessary steps for making the maximum number highways like Dhaka Mymemmnsing Highway. It will add a great fame for our country.

Thanks a lot for being with me.


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