Beauties from South America - Part 1

in #photography7 years ago

Hi !

Today I'll share with you some photographs my wife took when traveling to the most significant nature places in south america. Enjoy !,

Machu Pichu, Peru

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

7 Colors Hill, Purmamarca, Argentina

Llama at Jujuy, Argentina

If you are interested in getting these photos and much more in high resolution you can purchase them at a very low price with bitcoin here:

I'll be uploading more, stay tuned !

Best Regards from Buenos Aires,



Definitely some beautiful shots. I love the colors captured in the shot of the glacier in Argentina. If you have a minute, would you mind checking out the small collection of photos I posted today as well?

I have checked your post, good narration and photos ! upvoted !

Thank you very much! I wasn't sure about the narration but I have actual feelings attached to most of what I shoot so I decided to just share them as well.

estan buenas las fotos, aunque esperaba algunas fotos de chicas :P (no mentiras, esta muy bien asi)

ajajaja, es bueno el titulo del post...

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