Cellphone Photos of the Solar eclipse in South-Africa

in #photography8 years ago

So today there was a partial eclipse that was visible from South-Africa and since I've been thinking about getting my own camera and starting a photography hobby, I decided I'd try to take a few photos using my oneplus2.

I got a piece of space blanket from a colleague, folded it into 4 layers and put it over my phones' camera. My first attempt:
first Image
Anyway, I got a smaller piece of the blanket and folded it into 3 layers, put it over my phone. My colleague suggested I increase my shutter time, so I did that and tried again, and boom! an image!
first Image

still no eclipse though... I decreased my ISO a bit and tried again:
Second Image

Looking a bit better, Set my ISO to a minimum and suddenly, Eclipse!
First Eclipse Image
Second Eclipse Image
So I took a bunch of photos with a few different settings and finally I was able to snap this one:

cool eclipse image

which came out surprisingly cool


Rad post, that last one is magical. Only piece of criticism I'd have is that it's probably a better thumbnail than the blackout, but the reveal of the post right now is really strong. Love the blues and shape that the light forms.

Thank you for the feedback! I think those "clouds" are because of folds or creases in the space blanket, but it gives it an awesome effect.

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing! :D

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