Childhood lights! photo session with bokehlicious lights

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Childhood is a time when we can do whatever we want, with no circumstances and no rules!

In this photo session with my nieces and cousin; I like to emphasize the light that will guide them in their future and growth.


When we were young, we made laughed till our stomach aches, we play till our energy gets depleted, we eat like there's no tomorrow, and we live life to the fullest! These are the days that we should always treasure and remember because innocence is a gift from God.


We committed mistakes and were forgiven, we cried and we had shoulders to cry on, when we got hurt there's always someone to comfort us. These are the times that we should always be thankful to our parents and to the people who guided us to where we are today.


This will serve as a reminder that someday we will have our own child to guide. These childhood memories will help us become better adults, better person, and provide a better world for them to live in.

Thanks for reading!

Shot using Canon 60d
50mm f/1.8
ISO 640
1/80 secs

Models by order
Jana Akeisha Uy, my niece
Naiara Kyrie Gatchalian, my niece
Angel Joseph Alconis, my cousin

All photos and context published are my original work

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Road to parenthood na ba? Hahaha jk But as we start to grow we learn the things what they need to become a better person.


Di pa naman haha. D p ko ready

Childhood brings so much good and fun memories. The season of our lives where we only have to worry about what and where we will play next and such.Gaganda ng mga pamangkin ko mana sakin hahahaha 🤣❤

Excellent pick of models!


Thanks bro. Lucky to have cute nieces

Learning from one's mistakes can be the best teacher but we still need our parents to guide us so that we may what is right and wrong. :D great Photos bb boy. Hahaha :)


Though matanda na tyo need pa dn ng guidance lalo na kapag kapos na pera natin hahaha thanks carlo

very meaningful post.
Reading this brings me back to a time I believe the world is mine. Then I have to end my comment and reality kicks in. owell XD


I miss the days when I can do anything I want lol

Ang ganda talaga ng effects ng fairy lights! san mo sya nabili sir?


actually ako ang bumili ng fairy lights na yan sir hahaha inorder ko lang sa shoppee 😊

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