Between Art and Creative!

in #photography7 months ago

This plant is pruned beautifully like that. Or, certain models are formed to add aesthetic value. This is creative. I think creative people can always put things in accordance with reality before their eyes. For example, we can see photo of plants that are pruned so that they are interesting and contain certain artistic values. I myself have thought to be a creative person in life but less creative in acting and lack of discipline, I think.
Besides the above, this is another photo of the Ashoka flower planted so it looks like a fence to beautify the view. This is also one form of creative art in an effort to grow our awareness. Indeed, being a creative person in thinking and acting is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But we can do it through small things first to add habits before moving to big things if we find it difficult. But unfortunately, people can only speak and act wisely to explain something. Maybe, I'm also famous in it. Nonsens!


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