Thanks for this. I like the second one the best.

You're welcome. Following you. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

Hope you have the same :)

THANK YOU! HAVE A GOOD ONE! Just curious, how do you produce content or share you content on other platforms too? How do you usually decide which ones to use?

Producing: I'm trying to put together authors from Creative Commons/Public domain field and than share the products/content everywhere in niches... well it's easy for me to decide what to share - I must like the content... but must mention that with this I'm not nor I'll become millionaire :)))

because this is just for fun :)

Great shots, especially the last one. Where is this?

Thank you @brightongreg. Croatia, Island Pag, St.Spirit beach.

Thanks for info!

You're welcome :)

nice pics keep going i like it

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