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I can't find something inappropriate in this photo. pure art

Your a pro dude! Excellent lens flair! Unbelievable placing

I like sunsets like this...


Certainly no ordinary sunset ;)

Love the photo.

Follow me @yehey

Rump fire! 🙌🏽

Love it. This was a fun day with You in Hawaii. 😘🙏🏽

Another beauty. Sean, never throw a coin at your ladies bum, you could put an eye out on the ricochet, buddy. ;)

Nice as always. Can stare at it without blinking for a long time. :D

I think, this is the best sunset ever. 100% upvoted @chanthasam

Wow! Super!

Dang fine looking woman.

I am having a hard time looking at the sunset though it's amazing but there are other amazing things nature has provided us with and I am witnessing one in this image :)

Oh the angles, the perfect timing. This is priceless! And very stimulating too! In a proper way indeed. :)

you gained a new follower too ;)

wow nice post bro.. resteem and upvoted,

Fantastic shot @sean-king ! =Upvote
Your lady has some great muscles on her, reminds me of when I was younger :)
Not too much, just enough to look healthy and strong.

Nice shot Sean!