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I found this post interesting. I think you did a good job


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woza!!!!.. That scene is mesmerizing!!! This look a lot like different places in Ireland :).. the confidence is beautiful too.. one day I will get the courage :)
You guys have a great dynamic . Ur skills & your wife's elegance, together you are a force of nature,as above displays perfectly! ^^

  • Honey why are we stopping ?
  • You see that cabin in the woods?
  • Yea..
  • Get off the car, go to where that trail is, take off your clothes and bend over!

That's exactly how it happened! Well...kinda. 😂

Hi i want friends

this photo is beautiful , beautiful model , beautiful nature

i am confused

How long did it take you to walk around the sun to look that hot and be that sexy?


lol wat

yay! haha nice one.

nice picture Ж:-*

Nice scenery and nice model. Can't go wrong.

Not sure what part of the photo I like the most! Excellent shot mate !

I cant see any green? Good snap.

Just another definition of the beauty of the outdoors.


Full of elegance actually, love It !!

There's Green in this image?


It's hard to focus on the green my friend. But I think the relaxation for the eye through the green color, can still wait something!

very artistic - great job. upvoted and followed. feel free to follow me back and check out my contents

Awesome concept dear...Became a fan of your photography..As a beginner photographer i am following u..Hope can learn many things from u

Love this!!!

@sean-kin..great photography....nice shot:))