Relaxing and Mellow Slideshow For You

in #photography4 months ago

If you are feeling stressed out and you have a few minutes, please view this slideshow I just put together. It contains some of my favorite relaxing and mellow photos shot in the Tahoe area. I would suggest playing your favorite feel-good song in the background while you view it. Thank you for watching and please enjoy your day!

Slideshow link:

Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 121.jpg


Oh my goodness what a fantastic slideshow, so many gorgeous
photographs @scottshots! Very relaxing and pleasurable to watch
each one go by! You know I love those boulders! :-)
Thank you for posting this awesome collection! Hope all is well!

Thank you @shasta! Lots of boulders for you in that slideshow, lol. Things are going great. Real estate photography has slowed down to almost nothing, but can't really complain. Hope all is well for you too!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you @freedompoint! I hope everything is going great for you and the family.

Things are great! We are about to head back onto the road!