Pop can with Wings

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What in the ocean is that thing? I tell my students after a dive that its a Winged Sea Slug. Sorry, what? Yes, that thing that looks like a pop can with wings, that is flapping madly through the water is a Winged Sea Slug; Gastropteron pacificum.

Winged Sea Slug-1.jpg

Pretty cool, isn’t it!

Winged Sea Slugs are found on the west coast of North America from Alaska to northern Mexico. Varying in depths from the intertidal zone to 425 metres.

These fascinating creatures propels itself through the water by gracefully flapping its "wings" (parapodial flaps). Not much bigger than a nickel, they can be tough to spot but once seen, their grace and flight through the water can be mesmerizing.

Winged Sea Slug-2.jpg

You’ll need a keen eye and a good macro lens to capture of these little guys. Be patient and wait for them to get into your viewfinder, then snap your images.

Winged Sea Slug-3.jpg

Thanks for reading.


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Amazing photographs good job man

Weird looking lol

The second I saw it I thought the same , but those "wings " are somehow beautiful

its a new thing for me, I never see Winged Sea Slug before and I bet it was not easy for you to capture this. a thumbs up and a resteem from my side to your hard work and dedication.

Your work is truly amazing

itz really good dear.. i also wrote a blog on natural beauty you must visit it and i hope you will enjoy.

The picture is really beautiful and very strange and should be well thought out

My first impression: What the heck is that?

Mind, it's beautiful. You're blessed to be in a position to experience such.

Wow, nice pics! Where did you take them? Can they be found all over or do they like to hang out in certain regions?

Something so small is something so beautiful, the ocean keeps a lot of mystery and wonderful creatures.

Thank you for sharing your photos, they were incredible. I appreciate your work. I give you my vote.

Really nice shots man.

Good post, i like it

waw waw waoow brillently done fabilious photography!

Wow amazing sea slug drawing thanks for sharing more know marine animals

Amazing photos, well done, thank you for sharing. I like your posts and blog and will follow you😀👍🏻


Crazy! My husband is an underwater welder and he sees NOTHING! So dark and everything is done by feeling. It is so great to be able to see beautiful pictures from under the ocean!

Pretty cool Naver see before in my life

Deep see wonderfull creature!

It's light butterfly-like wings show it's a delicate animal. Great shot. Lots of stuff in the sea to know more about. The closest large water body here is the Indian Ocean, pray it's there and I take a closer physical look and study more about this thing called Gastropteron pacificum.

This little guy is weird and cute at the same time.

Seahorse mixed with a bat....lol...that's what i see

Why are mollusks so cool?

Reason #398: they can elegantly swim even if they're the size of a nickel. They also have very soft and delicate colors, which make them adorable and look like submarine butterflies.

Hello @scottdphoto I just upvoted this post! Very beautiful creature! Check out this post of mine, i think you'll love it! https://steemit.com/life/@eluemina/races-of-the-multiverse-zeta-grays Enjoy!

Nature is awesome !

I thought it was going to be a sea creature that somehow inhabited a pop can

Really, Your post is very nice. Good job

Indeed a weird looking slug ^^ good pictures like the contrast a lot

It's classified as an aboficilous malaficulous it's a cousin to the squid and a step brother to the slug only found in three geographic locations in the world.

Super cool! I love water creatures!

Hi Scott, the pictures are so beatiful!! The ocean always amazes me!!👏👏👏

Very Nice And Great Article Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing Sir @scottdphoto

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