Day of the Jellyfish

in photography •  4 months ago






The Pacific Northwest has some of the largest and most unique jellyfish on the planet. These temperate emerald waters are the perfect place for a jelly to grow and feed.

Happy International Jellyfish Day!

Please share your jelly shot from around the world. I'd love to see them.


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Such stunning photographs of these magnificent jelly fish. Almost look like they could be in a sci-fi movie 😊

Very cool. They are such amazing creatures.

Freaking awesome. Those are all so good. Resteemed!

Fantastic photos, well done! I saw a post by @kelly12 also about jelly fish at

The only Immortal being on earth - the Jelly Fish! Is this breed one among them? Seeing it for the first time though!

Wow, so glad I opened the post to vote! So many people just click on vote on the initial picture (which is awesome), but miss out on the rest!