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Time for a splash of colour, something that you don’t regularly expect from the emerald seas of the Pacific Northwest. Corals and soft corals are much more associated with tropical waters.

Pink Soft Coral-2.jpg

This colonial soft coral is also known as the sea strawberry. It has thick, soft, red-pink lobes, and individual polyps within the colony have eight tentacles. These corals appear quite plump and fluffy, however when the colony is disturbed, it to become much smaller, shrunken, and brain-like. Colonies can reach heights of 30 cm, and lengths between 5 cm and 15 cm.

Pink Soft Coral-1.jpg

Pink Soft Coral-3.jpg

Pink Soft Coral-5.jpg

Pink soft corals have a widespread distribution in the northern Pacific ocean, and can be found in the intertidal and subtidal to depths of 36 meters or more, and reaching depths as far as 2000 meters. Colonies typically grow on rocks or on fragments of shells in high-current areas. Its eastern Pacific range extends from the Bering Sea to California.

Pink Soft Coral-4.jpg

Along the coastal areas of British Columbia on of the best places to dive and photography these colonies is north of Port Hardy in Browning Pass. Large aggregations of this species are often referred to as Strawberry Grounds, and are important habitats for many marine species, but specifically basket stars. You will find these sea stars are often nestled among the soft corals.

Basket Star-1.jpg

Photographing the walls of Browning Pass that are densely covered by these corals and sponges takes skill and the proper equipment. Go with a seasoned guide and boat operator. Dive at slack tide to give you the best opportunity to get amazing images. Most importantly dive these areas as many times as you can that way you can shoot both wide angle and macro. That way you can maximize your portfolio.

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As a scuba diver from the south east coast of Florida, I can agree that coral and colors are more popular in the warm waters of the Atlantic. These ecosystems are home to millions of marine wildlife and truly are breathtaking!

Thank you, glad to see another scuba diver in the community. Thanks for checking out my post.

How is the health of these pacific northwest reefs, are they seeing the bleaching events that other reefs are facing?

Due to the colder waters here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't see any coral bleaching. We only have a couple of species of hard corals that live here and they generally only found in deeper waters. Overall the waters here are fairly healthy however we still have a significant amount of pollution, discarded fishing nets and plastics here.

Are there any invasive species like lionfish or crown-of-thorns?

You could shoot the polyps! I thought they'd be bigger. The yellow ones look like sponges and I can see white anemones too <3

Congratulations, good post I love,
I love corals, they are very colorful and beautiful

Some of the most nutrient-rich waters are located off the Pacific North West coat lines.

Beautiful underwater shots. I hope I get to vosit this place someday :)

Very good post it is recalled my memory of last year tour to Corel Island at Andhaman.


very nice photos

Wow just amazing man I really like you the pictures

wall i alwasy .like this picture good

that is so amazing! With its fancy colors they are eye candy and looks real one too! Great underwater shots. I had fun reading and looking to your photos! Have a good one. Cheers! :)

Amazing photos!

Beautifully incredible ... like another world ... Thank you!

Very impressive underwater shots. Love the colors.

I really like the underwater world, its indescribable beauty inhabitants and plants delight. Cool post))

Beautiful post, i like your post, good job @scottdphoto

wow beautiful :)

So much beauty in these pictures.
Corals are so colorful.

colourful ! 😍

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isnt mother nature just the best artist? so colorfull lovely photos !

Thanks for the resteem @oldmariner and @obliviousowl Really appreciate the love and support.

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so cool! love the close up shots :)

beautiful !!!!!!

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