Some Unusual Cloud and Contail Photographs

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I fell in love with the sky as an eight year old boy building World War Two model airplanes. I later fell in love with the stars when I was nine as my dad showed me the constellation Orion hanging in the Western sky one  spring evening leaving the school where he was coaching basketball. Just three years later I fell in love with weather as I was completing the Boy Scout weather merit badge.  My photography hobby came next as dad gave me his old 35mm Yashcia to use on a family summer trip to Oregon when I was 14. Oh boy was I  hooked! 

My dad sold World Book encyclopedias while he was getting his Masters Degree in secondary education so we had a set of 1972 encyclopedia's that this young boy who loved learning always kept a "letter" (the letter "S" was two volumes in size) volume of beside his bed just for some light reading. The things we did to entertain and teach ourselves before the advent of the internet! In hindsight, I wouldn't want it to have been any other way.

These four "hobbies" and my insatiable thirst for knowledge served me well with my chosen career as a television weatherman; a career that spanned three decades, three time zones, six states and six television stations. 

It was this hunger to understand everything, understand "it's"context, "it's" reason for being, that I've looked at everything in life with a very open mind. I made a decision very early on that I would never to judge anything as bad, but just without context for proper understanding. This hunger for understanding lead me to research many topics that were regarded as "conspiratorial" in nature. Things like UFO's, and I'd seen some odd things while out with my telescopes over the years..but 9/11 opened Pandora's box. After that fateful Tuesday morning, when nothing felt right, everything, every single topic, was suddenly on the table and open for research.

Within a year I was reading about this thing called a "chemtrail" and that these things were being used to control the weather. WTF? Controlling the weather is simply impossible, it is just too big a thing to be tamed by puny human beings.  I held this point of view for two to three years while my research, observations, and photography of the sky caught up with this reality. Then on the sixth of June 2004 my world view was forever moved by a satellite image of a massive square cloud over Billings Montana. The articles I had read stated that resonate geometry via the science of cymatics could shape our weather were in fact true. 

Clouds, cold fronts, complex's of thunderstorms, hurricanes, absolutely every aspect of weather that I now looked at displayed this imprint of resonate geometry. "How could I have not seen this before?" I would repeatedly ask myself during the days immediately following.

Soon there after I bought four webcams, two computers and software to begin time-lapsing the sky. I needed to know what was really happening out there! I also felt that I had a responsibility to my loyal 5, 6 and 10pm TV audience. So, if I could better understand the workings of the technology I had identified I'd be in a better place to out forecast the NWS and the other on-air meteorologists. 

As is so often the case with research, that which we seek to uncover is not the important discovery that results from the pursued endeavor! Despite my developing understanding of the manipulation of the entire planet's weather process, I was still missing a key piece of the "chemtrail conspiracy". That missing piece of the operation fell into place one Saturday in April of 2005.

At the end of each day's recording I have to render the individual pictures into a movie and then review the day's file. (I had four cameras going each day.)

On this sunny day I noticed that one particular trail persisted while ALL the others did not, then something odd happened. A plane just clipped the end of the trail that was still visible while a second place intercepted the trail at it's exact center point!  Ah-ha! "It's all about geometry!" 


This geometry that shapes storms is aligned with the straight lines of the chemtrails. Duh, how much simpler could it be! These trails are an utterly elegant solution to the problem of targeting and aligning and then follow-up measurements of the resonance patterns that have for decades now entrained our planet's weather and by default climate systems. This activity, BTW, completely muddies up the baseline of the planet's true temperature trend line. 

From this day forward every trail I observed was distorted some how and in some way and this unmistakable distortion was intercepted by another trail marking the boundary or the angle and direction of the distortion or as I came to describe them: Perturbations. 

Not quite twelve years later, thousands of days worth of time lapse files and countless photographs this modus operandi remains intact. These apparently innocent trails are observed, marked, and measured by countless other aircraft that look innocent enough, but are they?


So the question as to "Why?" Why might this be happening? Why would an entity want to control the weather? I ask if you could, why wouldn't you? Just imagine the power you'd have in the financial markets alone! Knowing when a drought will begin, when and where hurricanes would hit, when damaging frosts would come, the ways to leverage this foreknowledge are financially limitless! It would be global "eco-terrorism" as former Defense Secretary William Cohen labeled in back in 1996.

When 17 year old girls start tweeting about this overt program, something's up!  This was my photo reply to Kylie's open query about all the trails in the sky:

It is a little strange when a contrail just, outta the middle of nowhere, decides to "twist" and flatten out at a 180 degree angle. There is some invisible force, at that exact location, acting on the particles (water or otherwise) that comprise these trails!

When clouds begin to manifest into shapes and patterns that obviously indicate that the hand of some technology is involved in their formation I have to ask myself: "How long will it take before this becomes acknowledged by mainstream on-air meteorologists?" Twelve years ago when I took this picture, just east of Pocatello Idaho where I was on the air at the time, I wouldn't have believed  that in late 2016 this would still be a secret program. Once you see it, you cannot not see it! 

Yet another pattern in the clouds that is unexplainable when schooled in meteorology dominated by thermodynamics. Seriously, what is going on here? What can possibly distort the atmosphere into this configuration?  December 2004 -- Pocatello Idaho

So thanks for taking the time to look at some pictures of mine, and reading a bit of my story. There is so, so much more to share it's stupid! 

There is something strange happening in our skies distorting the clouds into impossible patterns and shapes that are unquestionably not natural, by any definition and it this activity impacts our day-to-day weather AND your local weatherman's ability to accurately forecast tomorrow's weather!

Keep looking up,

-Scott Sevens

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Are they yours photographs?


All but the Italy one and the last one with the waves over Walden Colorado in 1987.


can we share others photographs too?


Are they a part of your story? This is just my introduction... There is so so much more for me to share. I've got terabytes of images and movies that I am the author of and have taken since childhood. Further, I trust that will get to share them in time here on steemit.


'Contrail' is misspelled in the headline.

Thank you SO much for your efforts good sir! Im a huge fan of your work and the exposing of these truths you do!


I am just thrilled that steemit even exists! I feel that so much work get done but then what happens with it? It's like it slips into the black hole of yesterday's trash. I can do so much more with resources, and this venue is truly an answer to a prayer. Thanks for the comment.

Scott...I continue to follow your posts and believe that my observations validate everything that you believe. Many of the aircraft that I see either have a red tail or red engines. My suspicion is that these are drones. I know that some are passenger aircraft. I even saw a twin engine turbo prop spraying in a NW direction a couple of months ago. These are crazy times that we are living in. Thank you for all that you do!


We WILL get this topic the awareness it deserves and the press to get it front and center of the climate change discussions That alone will be a game changer. Thanks for you kind words.