Picture of the day ~ My sister's knitting

in photography •  4 months ago

Hello my friends,
My sister is a genius when it comes to knitting, she can learn how to do anything if she sees it only one time.

She works for fun, but lately she's been asked to be a part of fairs and such events. She sent me these photos...



I'll show you more of her work later.

Have a nice day. Much love.

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So cool! She does great work. And glad to see you back on Steemit! You and she could also share her knitting on the tag #needleworkmonday if you like!


She does so indeed. But she sells more than she photographs, which is a shame cuz some of them are awesome.
Thank you, it feels good to be here. I will add that tag now!

I love the ones that look like bookmarks, they are sooooo cute!


I know, right? Makes you wanna put that in all the books you read!