I'll Give An Awesome Quote For Ur Pic And Even Edit Pic With Neon Colors

in photography •  2 years ago 

I will make a awesome thought for ur pic and even make ur pic edit with nean colors and even write ur name with neon shining colours this pic will be very different and unique and u can use it where ever u like ill just take 0.60$ for this so if ur intrested then comment down below!
thank you!1.jpg

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this post naturally wonderfull...i want everyone in this post..carry on and best off luck..

G kr dia ap ko

cool !!

Good job Schatengarg.


sure, i have three left for the day you can have 'em :p

I really have little idea what is going on but it's a nice picture

Thank a lot.

@schatengarg are you interested in doing a Steemit post on how you do these neon lights mockup? Or like a timelapse?

good work @schatengarg