Setting up for my first lego-movie

Setting up for making my first lego still film movie.

Found a great app i can use. Only need to get a great background and a tripod for my phone and me and my kids will start making some kick ass lego movies.

Stay tuned.



Its all for fun. But i hope a can make something good after a while :D


Kult! dette minner meg om en film som gikk viralt på skolen min back in the days, alkohol i legoland heter den, hvis jeg finner den kan jeg linke den til deg

Ja meg å guttungen som lager det her så nå jo bli litt "bad taste in legoland" eller noe :D hehe

That's fun!! And creative for the kids, much better than sat watching a Lego movie on a screen :)
Definitely following to have the progress pop up on my feed and at Norwiegen time!

Actually does both. But i will be really but-hurt if my kids dont get any creative-sense. Try to limit electronic-use to a minimum. It is so much more fun things to do tjey actually prefer more. Bjt the kods always believe games and tv will give them more satisfaction. But theu are so happy to play with me when i use my childiss creativity.

Learn them both i guess. They need to manage electronics as well :D

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