Best dad-award goes to....

Found this is the forrest near Kristiansand this winter.

I found this very amusing. Somebody probeably got a " best dad " coffee cup from their kids and managed to forget it in the woods. Hopefully dident forget his/her kids also.

Whay do you think is the story behind? 20180527_141633.jpg


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2 oranges, 2 kvik lunch, 1 thermos cocoa, one best dad, one mom, one 14 years old boy sitting on his phone and complaining want to go home and play call of duty. the 4 years old daughter was pushed into the a small pool of wather, by the 6 years old son by taking the last kvik lunch. even if the 6 years old had 2 of them. the best dad now Realizing he has forgotten extra clothes, the mother start arguing ho was should
take them in the back pack.

in conclusion the best dad cup was left behind.
a bit of a hairy ending but on the way back the dad it thinking it was a good trip.

Sounds like something could be happening to me. Only that me as a father would join playing CoD wwII.

You play cod?

Found it funny to see there on tje bench alone with a normal water glass...

a did the old. modern warfare 2 hundreds of hours. now days am more in to Indy games etc


Have a s##t-load of ps4 games online anf also discs. Hehe.

Invested in a reiju razor controller. Very good.

What kind of indi games you prefer. Im not so into that but i guess i would love it... im often just buying games to test them to find out it was not for me. Farcry 5, 4 & e was very good. CoD, gta, just cause.. and many more. Dobt remeber any. Driving games is not my thing. Liked it before, but i get no joy out of it. Bimut i any flysim and trainsim and driving around i Los santos in gta.

Hpws the weather in Canada?

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Nice shot! Obviously, he didn't deserve that mug. Lol

Not sure what happened. But was funny tlo se there. I guess it was funny because it is so typical. You get a best dad award, and you manage to loose it the first day and have to explain to ylur kids why you still are the greatest dad pn this planet (could be a hard one to explain)

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