Nature in My Captures:-02 (Sky Photography:-01)

in #photography5 years ago

Sky is the biggest part of the beauty of the nature.
Green nature and blue sky makes the nature more and more beautiful.

Capturing the sky with it’s full beauty is no so easier. It becomes more and more tough if you don't have a good camera or lance or if you are a mobile photographer like me.

Because, sometimes the mobile camera becomes dark or stop working well when the sun is so high.
You have to keep changing the contest, brightness, colour, iso to get a perfect photo.
Whatever it costs, capturing the sky and the beauty of the sky really gives me pleasure.

Blue Sky, Golden Sun, White Cloud, Evergreen Nature.
The combination of all of them makes the whole view so much beautiful. And for me, its too much pleasurable. It makes me feel like I can spend my whole life just by watching the scenery.

I've captured those photos by using my mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi 5. The photo sizes may not be same, because I've captured the 1st & 3rd photo keeping the screen ratio 16:9 and the 2nd & 4th by 4:6.

Coming back with another photo collection in my next post.

Till then be happy, be healthy and happy steeming.

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