Bird of Paradise - Tuesday Orange - Color Challenge

in photography •  11 months ago

Bird of Paradise

One of my favourite plants for its unique colouring and the way the flower develops.


<3 @satchmo

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that's a great pic I like the colors thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)


Thank you! Will do!

That looks like the plant i posted for the color challenge.. I didn't have a clue what its name was... "Bird of Paradise"... wow very cool name

Nice photo too :)


Ya I really like its formation in bloom, thanks!

Awesome pics . keep'em coming


Will do!

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Beautiful! I like it! Thanks!


No no, Thank you!

Love those plants. Actually when I bought my first SLR (35mm film type) that was the first thing I photographed. They dont grow well here unfortunately. Great shot.


Yes this was in a green house I shot it on a 60D i believe with the 50mm EF lens!

Beautiful flower!

This is so beautiful and clean. When did you start watermarking this? Also upvote and resteem for #yunk tag


I will be from now on. Thanks YUNK!!! #YUNK