Great looking photos I might try getting out myself over the weekend . Cheers Mike

Hi @mikenevitt thanks a lot!

delightful education-so lovely-thank you

thank you so much!

more than welcome-truly love your posts

I love this article, it is very interesting, I have not seen these mushrooms here in South-Africa!!

Many thanks my friend!

amazing color of mushrooms on the first photo

Grazie mille @tali72 Sono colori molto belli questi dei funghi...thanks!

Beautiful photos!

Many thanks for your time

"After long and special treatments in the kitchen in some countries the mushroom is eaten." <- This reminds me of puffer fish. Most people will just stay away but some people choose to take the risk, as if there aren't many other ones you can eat instead.

I know @laabo-afolabi .. with mushrooms you have to be very cautious ... but people love the risk

This is a really awesome post! I forage and grow mushrooms myself, and run the website Great work! Following you!

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